What Is The Difference Between Random Traffic and Quality Traffic

What Is The Difference Between Random Traffic and Quality Traffic?

I recently spoke with a few bloggers who talked about how the Search Optimization, Social Media and PPC Advertising doesn’t works out for them. Some of them even went ahead to hire a firm that that is able to grow their site. But they are not seeing any improvements in business. There are two main reasons that is causing this issue:

  1. Your website isn’t convincing people to buy the product — hence the conversion rate is lousy.
  2. You are driving the wrong type of audience to your website.

There are major difference between random traffic and quality traffic. On one of the hand, you are driving the wrong type of audience to your site that isn’t buying your services or products. On the other side, you are attracting quality traffic that is buying your services and products. That being said, let’s focus on driving the wrong type of traffic to your site.

Driving The Wrong Type of Traffic

First of all, if you are ranking fro the wrong key phrases just to get on the first page on Google and other search engines. You will get a lot of clicks from the people who searched for these key phrases. But you will likely not get higher conversion rate. Why? Because these people who clicked on these wrong key phrases aren’t looking for what you actually have to offer.

This same rule of thumb applies to Pay-Per-Click advertisement. Which means you have to pay more just to have your site listed on the search engines. Even though so, your advertisement could be showing on the search engines that isn’t interest or importance to the potential visitors. This results in hurting your website’s ability to generate a profitable business.

If your site is about fashion and apparels, but you decided to talk about technology stuff. When the visitors visits your site and gets confused why there is an article about gaming laptop on a fashion site. They aren’t going to trust it or buy the product. Hence, it hurts the conversion rate because these articles aren’t what the visitors are looking for when it comes to shopping for new clothes.

One way you can do so to continue building a steady flow of quality traffic is to research the keywords within your niche industry. I highly recommend which is a free keyword research that helps you identify potential keywords to rank on. I have been using that site for a while and it helped me tremendous with planning keywords to continue expanding the site’s growth while attracting quality traffic.

Links in The Wrong Locations

Another main reason for attracting random traffic is that you are sending your visitors to the wrong locations. One of the main tactic in Search Optimization is building the links around your content. Hiring an SEO firm will place your link on the site such as design galleries and more. People might be clicking to your site but without any interest to buy your product or services.

Furthermore, sharing the links on social medias could be also a bad source that leads to ineffective use of links. While you can easily share your links to an audience and have them post on various sties. You run the risk of attracting the wrong type of audience.

Placing the links in the wrong locations isn’t only time-consuming and painstaking, but it will cause you to lose potential revenue from would-be buyers. Before you share the links to your audience or optimizing the content. You need to perform analysis and identify potential expansions that will further retain your audience and build rapport between yourself and the visitors.

Utilizing the linkbuidling method the right way will not only win you over new people, But establish yourself as the authority and attract quality traffic to the site. It is crucial that you place links in the right spot and know your audience well enough in order to generate high-performing impact links to keep your business rolling.

Conclusion of Random Traffic and Quality Traffic

Quantity of traffic isn’t always a strong indicator that your website is successful, you could be also wasting your hard earned money. While these tactics will increase your site’s growth by 100% to 300%. Only few will contact you regarding products and services.

Increased traffic isn’t always a good thing — even though it is pretty much the goal for everyone. If you are into money-making business, you need to understand that there are major difference between random traffic and quality traffic.

Websites that attract quality traffic makes more money compared to random traffic and have significant impact on the conversion rate. Furthermore, they are much easier to maintain and generally are affordable in contrast to websites that focuses solely on quantity. Learn more about how to drive traffic to your site using these proven ways to grow the website.

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