SteelSeries Rival 700 Review: Advanced Modular Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

Attention gamers, are you looking for a high quality gaming mouse to enhance your favorite games’ experience? Then look no further because we are introducing SteelSeries Rival 700, the world most advanced modular gaming mouse for all gamers. This is one of the latest gadget released by SteelSeries, a very popular brand that is well known for gaming mouses, headsets, mouse pads, and even rigs.

After reviewing SteelSeries Rival 650 gaming mouse, we discovered Rival 700 that is supposedly to be far superior in terms of quality, performance and of course features. So, we scourged the internet and performed a careful product research. We decided to assemble an in-depth review covering all the details you need to know about the Rival 700 gaming mouse.

I hope you will find this review article helpful and insightful. Because in our SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse review, we are going to talk about design, performance, and features that are what makes this one of the best device for gamers. That being said, let’s find out whether you should get your hands on this modular gaming mouse.

Modular Design and Build Quality

On the first glance, SteelSeries managed to build an impressive modular gaming mouse while retaining advanced technology and features. This gadget features in jet black coating with built-in LED lighting effects. These effects can have the color changed to your own preferred color choice. Furthermore, it is made with high-quality material that further makes it one of the most durable and long-lasting gaming mouse to these date.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse Review

Outfitted with five programmable buttons located around the gaming mouse. Two main buttons are located at the front. An additional two buttons are located on the sideways which can be remapped as hotkeys. Further down is another two extra buttons that also can be remapped. It also features DPI button that allows users to change the mouse sensitivity on the fly.

SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse also comes with swappable parts that gives you the option to decide how long or short you want the cable to be. You also can easily customize the nameplate with a fingernail or the tip of a pen to mark your namesake on it. Overall, this gaming mouse gives a firm handle for gamers thanks to its durable, yet rugged texture. Design-wise, its modular style makes it incredible easy for gamers to remain comfortable over prolonged uses.

Exceptional Performance

When it comes to performance, SteelSeries Rival 700 can be easily compared to popular gaming mouses such as Roccat Kone Aimo and Mad Catz RAT 8+. In this part of SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse review, we are going to talk about its performance. First of all, it is outfitted with Pixart 3360 Optical Gaming Sensor that provides the mouse advanced tracking system. It delivers lighting fast movement with 1 on 1 precise tracking feature.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mouse

Thanks to its built-in OLED display, you can easily switch sensitivities for different build profiles such as Assault Class or Shotgun Class. In addition to that, it comes with a wide range of customizable profiles that supports custom hotkeys and more without having to installing a software that does the work for you. Not just only that, SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse also makes it easy to see the stats in real time such as your headshot percentage, amount of gold earned, accuracy rate and more.

Hardcore and casual gamers will appreciate the fact that this gadget is equipped with tactile alerts centered in the mouse. Which allows you to feel the pulse and move your hand upward as opposed to sideways. By enabling tactile alerts, it will not impact your mouse’s tracking so that you can maintain perfect shots and go for the kill.

Customization Options

SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse review isn’t completed without talking about its customization options. As mentioned previously this gaming gadget comes with ton of features. Some of these features you already know such as the ability to build and customize your own profile for easy switches. Furthermore, you can adjust the color lighting effect to match you personal gaming atmosphere.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mice Review

Tactile alerts is also customizable so that you will never get two same type of alerts. You can easily customize the vibration patterns, duration, triggers and more to enhance your gaming experience. No other gaming mouses comes with this type of feature that SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse has cleverly designed with.

While it is obviously ergonomically built for every gamers thank to its stellar grip style. You can easily see updates via OLED display. Each buttons is rated with 30 million clicks which is impressive enough that gives it a good duration for at least several years. Even though the SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse is flexible and customizable, it falls a little bit behind Mad Catz RAT 6 and Cougar 700M EVO in terms of functionalities and flexibility.

Alternative Options to SteelSeries Rival 700

Of course, this gaming mouse is incredible popular thanks to its superior quality, exceptional durability, features and integrated OLED display. Although, its price tag might come across as a bit too expensive for some gamers. If you are still looking for a gaming mouse to upgrade, but want to explore additional options. We made sure to include alternatives to SteelSeries Rival 700 that you will find interesting enough to check out.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Mice

One of the best option that you definitely should check out and that comes at a much more affordable price tag is the Razer Naga Trinity. This advanced gaming mouse features interchangeable side plates that supports up to 19 programmable buttons. Which is definitely an impressive number of buttons for a gaming mouse that will cater to hardcore gamers.

On the more expensive side, you can buy the Razer Naga Chroma gaming mouse. This is an advanced and ergonomic gaming mouse designed for MMO games like World of Warcraft and FF14. Not to forget to mention that it also comes with 12 programmable buttons that supports a wide range of hotkeys from pushing skills, casting magic spells or to perform complex moves.


Out of all gaming mouses out in the consumer market, SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse dominates the market thanks to combination of features and strong performance. Gamers will be able to comfortable play their favorite games thanks to its integrated soft and rugged texture that provides firm handle. In addition to it, the gaming mouse’s advanced tracking system delivers precise and accurate response.

SteelSeries Rival 700 Gaming Gadget Review

With a price tag of approximately under $150, it is easy to see why this is a very popular choice for casual and hardcore gamers. Although, you always can explore alternative options such as Razer Naga Trinity or Mad Catz RAT 8+ if you are curious about the features they brings to the table. If you were to ask me whether you should buy this gaming mouse, I would say yes.

Currently, SteelSeries Rival 700 gaming mouse can be purchase here on Amazon. Share your experiences and thoughts about this device and let us know if you own it by commenting in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming technology changes and latest gadgets that is coming around the corner. Happy gaming!

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