SG906 Beast Review: Advanced 4K Camera GPS Drone Under $200

SG906 Beast Review

Introducing another advanced camera drone featuring foldable motor arms and built-in 4K camera. If you have been looking for the perfect affordable camera drone without denting your bank account. Then the SG906 Beast drone might just be the perfect match for you. As the drones are increasingly becoming more and more popular due to high demands and its countless application uses.

SG, a popular Chinese drone industry, recently released SG906 Beast foldable camera drone. Some of you might be stratching your head as why this drone earned a nickname called “Beast.” Which you will find out much later throughout our in-depth review article about the brand new SG906 drone. We assembled the review article through researching the product and sifting the customer’s feedback.

If you are thinking of getting your hands on a brand new SG906 Beast 4K camera drone. It would be a wise thing to read our in-depth review about it to see what we have to say about this camera drone. Like many other popular camera drones such as HS700D Ophelia and Eachine E511S, we hope you will find our review about SG906 Beast 4K drone helpful and insightful. Stick with us to find out more about this awesome foldable camera drone that is buzzing around.

Compact Design and Build Quality

The SG906 Beast 4K camera drone focus on two important design feature: portability and compact. If you are already familiar with popular drones such as Mavic Air and Mavic Pro, you will notice that this camera drone follows a similar design trend. That being said, the SG906 Beast drone is outfitted with foldable motor arms that lets you extends outward in order to fly. When the drone isn’t in use, simply fold the motor arms and store it inside your traveling backpack.

SG906 Beast Drone Design

If you are fancy on the color and design appearance, the SG906 Beast drone comes in two compelling colors: Black and White. It also comes with a red bull-like logo located on the top of its body framework that screams the drone as Beast. In the front of the drone, it is outfitted with a 4K camera mounted on a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer.

The LED lights are installed around its motor arms as well front and back to provide assistance for visual positioning. Finally, I liked how durable and sturdy this camera drone is. In fact, the SG906 Beast 4K camera drone uses aluminum-grade material combined with ABS plastic that offers an impressive durability and impact resistance to damage and collisions.

Flight Performance

When it comes to flight performance, getting to know how well a drone performs is the most important factor. Beside, a beginner will want a camera drone that is easy to control and responses to the commands quickly. Since the SG906 Beast drone is integrated with GPS / GLONASS module, it offers some of the best performance a drone can have for less than $200.

With a flight time up to 25 minutes which beats some of its competitors such as Potensic D85 and HS700D Ophelia. Although, the SG906 Beast falls a bit short in terms of remote control distance. In fact, this camera drone has a maximum operating distance up to 500 meters. While it has somewhat limiting specifications, it offers users a combined performance that lets them fully enjoy the aerial experience with its 4K camera capabilities.

Beginners will love the fact that the SG906 Beast drone is simple, yet fun and engaging for them to fly around. Thanks to its number of integrated features, beginners can perform intelligent flight modes that simplifies the whole flight operations. Furthermore, it comes with beginner-friendly features that focuses on providing safety net and making flying much easier, which will be further talked more in the next section of SG906 Beast drone review.

Intelligent Flight Modes

The intelligent flight modes are the most important competent of any GPS drones. Without intelligent flight modes, you get a dumb drone that doesn’t perform advanced flight functions autonomously. Thankfully, the SG906 Beast drone is integrated with GPS / GLONASS module. Which means it is possible for you to give commands to the drone to perform these intelligent flight modes:

Follow Me Mode

The Follow Me Mode commands your drone to follow a certain subject. To activate this intelligent flight mode, simply select yourself as the subject. The drone will automatically detect and set you on follow. This feature is incredible useful for documenting your solo adventures.

Orbit Mode

Another useful intelligent flight mode is called Orbit Mode. This intelligent flight mode simply gives the command to drone to perform a 360-degree video of the selected target. If you want to record videos of a cruise ship or popular hotspots. SG906 Beast drone makes it possible to do so autonomously.

Waypoint Mode

Ever want to get creative and customize your own flight paths? With Waypoint Mode feature, it is possible to do so. Simply hover the drone and select waypoint mode. Create your own waypoints as you fly the drone. Once you insert a endpoint, the drone will fly back to beginning and automatically start recording videos for you. This feature is useful if you don’t want to pilot manually.


As mentioned previously that features makes a huge portion of SG906 Beast drone that is what makes it so popular among beginners and recreational drone pilot. Certainly, if you are looking for an easy camera drone to start with. The SG906 Beast is the perfect candidate because it comes with ton of features that makes flying a hella much easier.

SG906 Beast Foldable Camera Drone

As a matter of fact, it has automatic takeoff / landing button that makes the whole flight operations simpler. In addition to that, the SG906 Beast drone is outfitted with smart features such as Smart Return to Home, Low Power Alarm and Out of Range Alarm. Not to forget to mention that the drone also comes with beginner mode so that you can learn the basics first before moving on to advanced flight mode.

Along with these incredible useful features is its built-in optical flow system. This is an important feature that helps keep the drone steady during the flight mode. Furthermore, its rocksteady movement makes it easy for beginners and recreational remote pilots to deliver precise and accurate flight commands in combination with intelligent flight modes.

Camera Quality

In this section of SG906 Beast drone review, the camera quality is probably the most important factor. If you are a vying aerial photographer looking for a high-quality 4K camera drone. The SG906 Beast isn’t probably a good fit since the quality of its camera is average. In fact, it isn’t particularly that stellar compared to DJI Phantom 4 drone

SG906 Beast Drone with 4K Camera

Although more could be said about the quality of images that SG906 drone delivers. This camera quadcopter delivers 720P HD resolution directly to your mobile devices and stores 4K UHD on a micro SD card. While it uses interpolating technique to fill in the gap, the actual resolution of camera that this drone uses is 2.7K HD.

It might come across as a bit of disappointment for some drone enthusiasts who are eager to have their hands on the world first most affordable 4K camera drone for less than $200. That being said, a drone outfitted with 2.7K HD camera certainly isn’t that bad at all. In fact, it is considerable better than what most of camera drones currently have.

Portable Remote Controller

The design style of remote controller that comes with SG906 Beast drone certainly captured my attention. It is different, unique, and innovative that features foldable arms for your smartphones. The remote controller features an impressive 5GHz transmission signal that ensures quality of live video feed remains consistent and smooth as possible.

SG906 Beast 4K Drone Remote Controller

Furthermore, it helps maintain reliable connection between the remote controller and drone. Due to its limited remote control distance and design, you will not likely experience any issues with signals for this drone. In addition to that, the remote controller foldable arms can be folded when it is not in use.

Thanks to concept of foldability, you can easily store both the remote controller and drone inside a traveling case. The foldable arms makes it both durable and portable. Because of the way they are designed, you will not have to worry about breaking it at all. The remote controller has an operating time up to three hours on a single charge.

Alternative Options

If you thought that the SG906 Beast is a very good camera drone but prefer to explore additional options. Perhaps you want to stretch your budget and find something more affordable. On the other side, you probably want to spend extra cash on a better camera drone that delivers superior performance and quality. These are perfectly reasonable. In fact, we found two drones that competes closely to the SG906 Beast 4K camera drone.

SG906 Beast Camera Drone

The Holy Stone HS120D FPV camera drone is around $40 cheaper compared to the SG906 Beast drone. It comes with built-in 1080P HD camera and a flight time up to 18 minutes. Combined with a maximum remote control distance that lets you fly up to 300 meters away. This is a smart camera drone featuring integrated GPS / GLONASS module.

Alternatively, you can check out the Eachine EX3 foldable camera drone. This advanced GPS camera drone features a true 2K HD resolution quality that records at 30 FPS. Furthermore, it comes with flight time up to 20 minutes and a maximum remote control distance that gives it a flying space of 800 meters. The camera features 8MP CMOS Sensor that makes it an incredible flying gadget to capture high quality aerial shots.


In conclusion of SG906 Beast drone review, we think this is definitely one of the best camera drone under $200. While it doesn’t hold up to true 4K resolution quality, its 2.7K camera is still by far the best option for beginners and vying aerial photographers who wants a smart camera drone to train on. Even though so, it comes with 25 minutes of flight time combined with a maximum remote control distance up to 500 meters.

The SG906 Beast easily wins some design points due to its compact and portability design. Because of that, you can easily travel around the world and fly this drone to capture some really sweet aerial shots. Not just only that the SG906 Beast is one of the easiest camera drone for beginners. But it is also the smartest entry-level flying gadget that brings a number of intelligent flight modes.

That being said, the SG906 Beast 4K camera drone allows you to create and customize your own engaging flight videos with a camera mounted on a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer. For more serious drone pilots, more expensive and prosumer-grade drones such as Mavic 2 Pro would be a much better choice. Currently the SG906 Beast drone can be bought here.

What are your thoughts and views about this portable and foldable camera drone? Share with us by commenting below in the comments section. We hope you find our review about SG906 Beast drone helpful and insightful. Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming technology that is revolving the world.

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