Ring Floodlight Security Camera Review
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Ring Floodlight Camera Review: Security Camera for Home Monitoring

Ring’s Floodlight Security Camera was launched as a major upgrade in the typical outdoor security and CCTV systems. In addition to a 1080p Full-HD security footage recording, this camera features two bright LEDs, along with Wi-Fi connectivity for live footage transmission. The Ring app connected to the camera allows you to get real-time motion alerts, create schedules, set activity zones, and control the built-in siren remotely. The camera even features a night-vision recording mode in case you don’t want to use the lights unnecessarily.

The bright and flexible lighting of the camera makes it an attractive purchase, yet the limited installation options and costly monthly software subscriptions may discourage its use for some. Still, at a price of around 249 US Dollars, there is a lot of functionality packed into this innovative piece of technology. Here is a detailed overview of some of the major features of the Ring Floodlight Security Camera.

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Introducing Ring Floodlight Security Camera

If you are looking to upgrade your home with additional layer of protection and built-in video capabilities. Ring introduces a brand new security camera that turns on its dual powerful lights. In addition to that, it can send out siren that will alert you of possible visitors who might be trying to break into your home.

While there are so many security cameras designed for a smart home. I think you will find out that the Ring Floodlight security camera is one of the best. Stick with us to find out more information about it. In the next part of Ring Floodlight security camera, we are going to talk about design and build quality.

Design & Build Quality

The main kit of the camera is a chunky bit and comes in two colors, black and white. The complete camera set is divided into three detachable components, two floodlights and one main camera. The physical build is quite reliable and feels really solid to hold.

Ring Floodlight Camera Review

The installation of the camera is more fiddly than difficult. The wiring needs to go directly into the mains since the product does not come with an external plug. The main power cable can be passed through the back of the mount, and then into the power source. Once wired in, fixing the camera into place can be an issue since the mount does not leave a lot of room to be adjusted. Attaching the screws properly may even require some wiggling.

The camera has been designed to work best on a vertical wall, although the practicality of this idea depends upon the design of your home or the location you want to use the camera in. The 270-degree lens of the camera is capable of covering a wide area and not much adjustment is required.

Audio / Video Quality & Performance

The video quality Ring’s Security Cam offers is extraordinary and is the main feature which gives it a competitive edge over other similar products. The camera is capable of recording a well-exposed 1080p HD footage while removing all the blow-out areas within the picture. There is absolutely no worry about not being able to identify people in the recorded video/images since the details are entirely visible.

The camera also supports night-vision and uses Infrared Radiations (IR) to light up the recordings in darkness. While this might make the images lose-out a bit on the details, the facial features still stay clearly recognizable. The motion light, if turned on, although helps take clear images even at night.

All the footage is directly transmitted through Wi-Fi networks and the speed of transmission depends upon the quality of the network. On a decent network (anything above 1mbps), a noticeable lag or packet loss hasn’t been observed in the transmission, although it wasn’t completely smooth either.

Ring App Set-up & Use

Once the camera is physically set up in place, the next step is to connect it with the Ring app and start using it. The camera itself needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network through a 2.4GHz connection. You can use the app to configure both the floodlights as well as motion recording.

Ring Floodlight Security Cam Review

The camera features a PIR motion sensor to adjust the automatic lighting. The detection distance and the motion zone can be configured through the app to make sure that the light does not turn on every time a neighbor passes by. A timer can also be set for the light to turn off automatically after it has turned on.

In addition to this, motion schedules can also be set which allow you to specify the timings when the motion will be actively recorded. Motion alerts can be turned on and off, or even snoozed. All video clips can be viewed on the app and downloaded on your phone or PC if you have subscribed to the download plan.

Smart Features

One interesting feature about Ring’s Floodlight Camera is that it can connect with various smart devices such as the Amazon Echo Show, Google Assistant, or SmartThings. The functions of the camera can be accessed through all of the above-mentioned devices and software.

Ring Floodlight Camera

While you’re viewing the live camera-feed on your mobile device, you can listen to the audio on the other side, initiate conversations, and even sound an extremely loud siren. Video clips can also be shared with the neighbors to alert them of any suspicious activity near their homes.

Subscription Costs

The camera overall seems to be excellent in terms of the features and video quality it offers under the initial price tag of $249, but this cost often proves to be misleading since the users have to pay additional costs in monthly or annual subscription plans.

There are two types of subscription plans available with the camera. Both of them provide basic cloud storage and video review/sharing options but differ in the number of cameras covered and the length of the warranty period.

Ring Floodlight Smart Home Camera Review

The first one, Ring Protect Basic plan costs as high as $3 per month (or $30 if paid annually) per camera, and the second one, Ring Protect Plus plan costs around $10 per month (or a solid $100 if paid annually). The Protect Plus Plan allows an unlimited number of security cameras and extends the warranty to the complete lifetime of the product instead of one year only. The warranty includes both damage and theft protection. In case the camera breaks or is stolen away, the company replaces it without any additional charges.

Other Alternatives

Although Ring’s Cam provides a lot of smart features and can be used in a number of scenarios, yet it is not the only one providing such functionalities. Some direct competitors of this Floodlight Security Cam include Maximus Video Camera, Kuna Toucan, and Netatmo Presence.

Kuna’s products are slightly cheaper than Ring’s although they lack in terms of the video quality they can provide. The Floodlight Cam offers a 1080p HD resolution while Kuna Toucan give a maximum of 720p HD.

Netatmo’s Camera is a little expensive than the Ring one but it offers local data storage options, which essentially means that you don’t have to pay a subscription cost for using the cloud storage. It has a better-looking design and offers the same features as the Ring’s Cam, although costs around $50 more.

Final Verdict on Ring Floodlight Camera

At a price tag of $249, Ring’s Motion-Activated Floodlight Camera goes a long way providing you with the best security services. It can prove to be the most effective device you have ever used to monitor your perimeters and secure them. At the same time, there are some downsides to it. The subscription cost for cloud-storage is not the best idea and it would have been better if more offline storage options were provided.

Last updated on February 19, 2020 11:30 am

Also, the camera could have been allowed to integrate with a wider range of smart devices in addition to the ones it already links with. Even so, the camera can still be a valuable addition to the average outdoor security systems since its technology will only get smarter with time.

Share your views about the Ring Floodlight Security camera by commenting below. If you have any questions about this security camera, let us know and we will answer your queries. Happy upgrading your home into a smart house and a heightened sense of security and personal safety.

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