Respawn-110 Review: An Extendable Gaming Chair Under $200

Respawn-110 Extendable Gaming Chair Review

Today we are introducing another popular product that is worth upgrading your gaming atmosphere. If you are truly looking for a high-quality gaming chair that is comfortable to sit in while you play your favorite games. Introducing the Respawn-110 extendable gaming chair which you can buy it for less than $200.

We assembled an in-depth review about Respawn-110 gaming chair to help buyers like you to make informed decision. Too many times buyers buys something that they ends up not liking it at all is called a buyer’s remorse. So, we created this review to help buyers like you learn more about Respawn-110 gaming chair and see if it is the best option before you buy yourself a brand new accessory.

Before we dive into the details, I want to briefly introduce what the Respawn-110 gaming chair is all about. This is a mid-tier gaming chair that is designed with stylish racing colors for office and gaming purposes. With a support capacity up to 275 Lbs and comes in several colors that allows you to customize and tailor specifically to your own gaming atmosphere. Respawn is renowned for stellar quality gaming chairs and especially their customer service center. Without further ado, let’s get to the gritty nitty details.

Build and Design Quality

On the first glance, the Respawn-110 gaming chair features stylish color combined with plush-like style. It looked just like every other gaming chairs that you normally would see in a consumer market. However, upon closer inspection, we found that this gaming chair features extendable footrest that you can comfortable sprawl your legs out.

Respawn-110 Gaming Chair Recliner

In addition to that, it comes with contoured segmented padding that supports comfortable grip around your back. Not to forget to mention that if you have a bad back, the Respawn-110 gaming chair has a lumbar support which is fully adjustable to suit your needs. Unlike other gaming chairs, the Respawn-110 is designed to be sweat-proof which doesn’t stink it up after prolonged uses.

The gaming chairs typically don’t support that much weight due to the way it is designed. However, the Respawn-110 gaming chair can easily support people up to 275 Lbs. In addition to that, they are fully backed up by Respawn Limited Lifetime Warranty. Combined with leather and contrasting color upholstery completes the modern and high-quality appearance.


Don’t underestimate the number of features that Respawn-110 gaming chair brings to the table. Despite its incredible affordable price tag, it comes with a lot of features designed to improve your quality of life. In addition to that, making your gaming experience much more enjoyable and comfortable. If you are considering replacing the standard office chair with this gaming chair, check out the key features below:

RSP-110 Gaming Chair Review

4D Adjustability

One of the major feature that Respawn-110 gaming chair has to offer is the ability to recline the seat. Most gaming chairs under $50 typically don’t offer this type of feature. So, it is kind of nice that this feature is being included in the Respawn-110 gaming chair. You will have the ability to recline up to 90 degree to 130-degree as well lock the position.

Maximum Comfortable

Another important feature that Respawn-110 gaming chair is rolling out with seat height adjustable. If you need to level your rig to match your eyes’ perspective. Simply pull the seat height adjustable until you can easily see. In addition to that, this gaming chair has padded armrests. Which means you can comfortable rest your arms without wearing them out after long gaming sessions. And did I forget to mention that you can do a 360-degree swivel with this gaming chair?

Premium Make

Finally, this is a feature that makes the Respawn-110 gaming chair one of the best of all. It comes upholstered in a high-quality leather that provides it an exceptional durability. But Respawn maintained to create a professional-looking gaming chair that can be used as office / gaming chair interdependently. Furthermore with its design strong enough to support up to 275 Lbs, the Respawn-110 gaming chair is a premium accessory that will level up your gaming atmosphere.

Should You Buy Respawn-110 Gaming Chair?

You are probably asking this question whether you should buy Respawn-110 gaming chair. Personally, I think this is one of the best gaming chair out there. It is affordable, comes with footrest, reclining seat, adjustable height and excellent lumbar support. With more than few hundreds customer reviews, it is hard not to pass on this gaming chair.

Respawn-110 Gaming Chair

However, if you still prefer to explore to see what other options you have. The Von Racer gaming chair is a really good alternative option that includes built-in adjustable massage for your back. With a design focused at maximizing comfortability while ensuring you keep on enjoy playing your favorite games. It comes with slightly more expensive price tag compared to the Respawn-110 gaming chair — but that’s what you are paying for a gaming chair with built-in adjustable back massage.

Alternatively, you can check out the Polar Aurora gaming chair which is far cheaper compared to Respawn-110 gaming chair. This device supports up to 300 Lbs and can be reclined up to 160-degrees. Furthermore, it comes in way more colors so the possibility of choosing your favorite color is endless. Lastly, this gaming chair features level three gas cylinder that helps it achieve seat height adjustable up to four inches.

Conclusion of Respawn-110 Gaming Chair Review

As we wrap up the in-depth review of Respawn-110 gaming chair. We think this is truly a high quality gaming chair designed to provide gamers maximum comfortability. With a price tag of just a little bit under $150 and more than hundreds of positive customer reviews. You get a gaming chair that features extendable footrest so that you can sprawl your legs out. Which I find this feature to be particular useful if you just want to rest for a while and snooze while listening to your favorite music with a Beats Studio3 headphones.

Respawn RSP-110 Gaming Chair Review

While there are obviously more expensive gaming chairs, we don’t think you will find any chairs that can match the quality of Respawn-110 at the price tag it is going for. Combined with its superior comfortable, upholstered leather quality for longer durability, and strong design support. It is just really hard not to pass on this gaming chair. You can get your hands on Respawn-110 gaming chair via here.

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