Nintendo Explores 5G Technology and Cloud Streaming But Won't Chase
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Nintendo Explores 5G Technology and Cloud Streaming But Won’t Chase

Nintendo told their shareholders that they are exploring breakthrough technologies such as the new 5G technology and cloud streaming. But they explained that the company will not chase the trend.

During the 79th annual general meeting for shareholders, the representatives of Nintendo was asked directly how the company will respond to advancing technologies in 5G, VR and alliances between the rivals in the arena of cloud gaming.

According to rumors about new generation of consoles being in the make by Sony and Microsoft has placed a lot of focus on cloud gaming. Even so, Google has entered the arena with its own new console called Stadia. Some people are concerned that Nintendo is being a “little slow” when it comes to competing with its rivals.

Staying in the competition.

Just because Nintendo is staying quiet and doesn’t announces its plans just yet. It doesn’t means the company is ignoring the benefits of 5G technology. Shigeru Miyamoto assured that the company is working on incorporating the new technologies from the very beginning it was introduced. Furthermore, they are experimenting them in various ways.

As far as cloud streaming is concerned, he sees that it will become more prevalent in the future. Although, he added that there is no doubt that there will be games that continues to be fun because they are being run locally, not on the cloud.

These sentiments was echoed by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furuwaka who said that it is not possible to see all games using cloud streaming services anytime soon. However, he said that the company is well aware that they must keep up with the evolving technology to stay competitive.

Perhaps it’s a buzzword afterall.

The biggest buzzword is 5G. As we all know that the new 5G technology is capable of sending massive data rate with ultra-low latency. Nintendo is aware of this technology has been gaining attention recently and is exploring it.

But, senior executive officer Ko Shiota points out that Nintendo doesn’t only chase trends in technology. Instead of jumping into the 5G bandwagon. The company will explore how the new technology will apply to its gameplay. It also will research what new experiences they can offer to their consumers as a result of the 5G.

It is already known that Nintendo is testing cloud streaming games on Switch in Japan. But in order to do this, it will require high-quality Wi-Fi connection. The integration of 5G connectivity will solidify the streaming experience that makes Switch one of the best portable gaming out there.

However, it seems like Nintendo will not pursue the new 5G technology and emerging applications. Unless there is massive demands that will ensure productions at the right price tag. Even so, the 5G is live in several cities and still experiences some issues like teething problems.

So, it looks like it is safe to say that Nintendo has more time to experiment the new technology before making the move to integrate into their gaming consoles.

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