JJRC X5 EPIK Review: Smart Camera Drone with Superior Performance

JJRC X5 GPS Camera Drone Review

Introducing the JJRC X5 EPIK drone, one of the most powerful camera quadcopter equipped with GPS / GLONASS module. If you are on a drone hunt and looking for the best camera drone to start your journey. The JJRC X5 drone is the perfect choice with a combination of affordable price tag and it has a lot of features to offer in the store for beginners to recreational remote pilots.

I assembled an in-depth review about JJRC X5 EPIK drone to help shoppers like you make an informed decision. Buying a mid-tier drone can be both an exciting experience and sometimes a little unsure because you are going to want a good quality quadcopter packed with strong performance. Which is the purpose of our JJRC X5 drone review is to help you learn more about this awesome quadcopter.

Before we dive further deep in the review, I want to briefly introduce who JJRC is. First of all, JJRC is a brand and a Chinese-based company that has been making drones for a while. They have sold a wide range of drones from toy-grade quadcopters to more expensive flying gadgets like the JJRC X5 EPIK. They recently started making mid-tier drones to compete against Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia and SJRC F11 Pro. With more than several positive customer reviews, it says a lot about the quality of JJRC X5 drone. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning.

Design and Build Quality

In this part of JJRC X5 EPIK drone review, we are going to talk about its build and design quality. This is my favorite part of doing a product review because you get to learn more about it as well preparing yourself when you get the gadget you have been wanting. When you order this quadcopter, you should get these following items as shown in the image below,

JJRC X5 GPS Camera Drone Review

Package Contents:

  • JJRC X5 EPIK Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Propellers Set
  • 1080P HD Camera
  • Balance Charger
  • Battery
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • USB Charger
  • User Manual Guide

Back to the focus on design and build quality, this is a heavy bird featuring elegant appearance. If you are choosy with the color, don’t worry because the JJRC X5 EPIK drone is available in white and black of your own choice. Personally, I liked how this drone is designed with thick landing legs that provides strong support.

Each motor arms are outfitted with brushless motors that are built for lasting performance. In fact, the brushless motors are better compared to brushed motors as they don’t wear out too quickly and provides more propulsion force for higher maximum speed. Furthermore, the arms are equipped with built-in LED lights to provide assistance for visual purpose.

Finally, the JJRC X5 EPIK drone is crafted with high-grade material that provides strong durability. Beginners who have never flown a drone before will be impressed with how sturdy this quadcopter is. In fact, the JJRC X5 EPIK is a resilient quadcopter built to last for a long service lifespan. With a 1080P HD camera located in the front, it boasts an overall strong durability combined with elegant design.

Flight Performance

In the next section of JJRC X5 EPIK drone review, we are going further examine this quadcopter’s flight performance. Like most of the drones that you are going to explore, you want to know how well these drones performs. Because the drone’s flight performance is one of the biggest factor that determines whether they are worth the value.

As I mentioned previously that the JJRC X5 EPIK drone is equipped with brushless motors. Which gives this drone an impressive aerial capabilities thanks to strong propulsion force that helps it achieve higher maximum flying speed, lower power consumption, and delivering precise flight controls. However, the JJRC X5 EPIK drone is perhaps one of the most stable and easiest quadcopter to fly for beginners.

JJRC X5 EPIK Drone Review

That is because this drone is outfitted with GPS / GLONASS module that allows it to communicate with satellites to obtain precise position. In addition to that, the introduction of GPS / GLONASS module enables smart flight modes that automates and simplifies the whole flight operations for beginners. Not just only that the JJRC X5 EPIK is an incredible easy drone to start with.

It comes with modularized battery that provides flight time up to 18 minutes. Since you are ordering a drone package that comes with an extra battery, which doubles your total flight time up to 36 minutes. In addition to that, the drone boasts an impressive remote control distance up to 500 meters. These combined specifications makes the JJRC X5 EPIK a very strong competitor at the price tag it is going for.


The JJRC X5 EPIK drone comes with a lot of features that makes the whole flying much easier for beginners. That being said, we are going to cover the basics of intelligent flight modes first since we briefly touched on that part. The intelligent flight modes is different from standard features that you normally would see on low-end quadcopters such as HS150 Bolt Bee or Eachine E511.

Follow Me Mode is one of the fewest intelligent flight mode that allows you to command the drone to follow anywhere you go. This feature is incredible useful for recording solo adventure without the need of a second person to create videos for you.

JJRC X5 EPIK Drone Features

Orbit Mode allows you to command the drone to perform a 360-degree videos of an object. Personally, I like this intelligent flight mode a lot because it automates the whole fight path. Furthermore, it makes the flight path much more smoother compared to flying it manually and looks much more professional.

Finally, you can customize your own drone’s flight path. If you want to get creative with the videos you are making. Simply fly your drone and drop waypoints across the map. Once you create an endpoint, the drone will fly to starting point and start recording the video. This feature is awesome for creating special content and showcasing your piloting skill.

Aside from these intelligent flight modes that JJRC X5 EPIK drone brings to the table. It also comes with beginner-friendly features such as automatic takeoff / landing, smart return to home, altitude hold, headless mode and more. Out of all the drones we have seen, this quadcopter is one of the most feature-packed we have reviewed so far.

Remote Controller

The next part of JJRC X5 EPIK drone review isn’t done without talking about the remote controller that comes in the package. On the first glance, this looks very professional and somewhat advanced to beginners. However, this remote controller is one of the most simple and easiest for all levels. Regardless of your prior flying experience, JJRC does a good job at designing a remote controller that is easy to learn and understand.

JJRC X5 EPIK Remote Controller Review

With an elegant design, the remote controller comes with built-in LCD screen that tells you how much battery it has left, distance, height, speed, and more. Unlike some drones that uses remote controller with artificial antennas like SS41 The Beetle and Eachine E58, the JJRC X5 EPIK uses authentic antennas to deliver true 5G signal transmission for an ultimate flight experience.

In addition to that, you can mount your mobile phone on the remote controller if you want to see live video feed in real-time. The videos and stills can be store on the smartphone. But you also will have the option to store footage directly on the microSD card if you prefer to retain the true quality. For this drone, we recommend 64GB microSD card to go with it.

Final Verdict of JJRC X5 EPIK Drone Review

As we come to conclusion of JJRC X5 EPIK drone review. If you were to ask me whether you should buy this drone. I would say yes for a number of good reasons. First, this drone comes with two batteries that each delivers up to 18 minutes of flight time. Which is really good for a drone like this in these price range. Considering the fact that most drones under $300 typically offer up to 20 minutes of flight time and don’t come with an extra battery.

JJRC X5 EPIK Quadcopter Review

Furthermore, the JJRC X5 EPIK drone is a very strong performing quadcopter that boasts an impressive 1080P HD camera. Combined with 5G transmission signal, it has the ability to deliver footage with lighting smooth quality for an ultimate flight experience. You also can adjust the camera remotely which gives you a much more flexibility for wider aerial perspective.

Overall, we recommend the JJRC X5 EPIK drone. It is a solid quadcopter that truly deliver the customers’ expectations. You can get your hands on JJRC X5 EPIK drone here and here. If you have any questions or comments about this quadcopter, feel free to drop in the comments section below. Happy flying and fly smart!

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