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iPhone 11 Features Leaked, The New Model is Back with Old Features

Apple has been a center of attention from the past few weeks. And now the concern has increased, as some iPhone 11 features leaked on the internet a few hours ago. Since people came to know about Goldman and Apple’s joint credit card innovation, they have taken a deep breath.

Despite all the angry reactions of users after the Siri issue and iPhone’s easy-to-breach security, people might calm after the new iPhone. But on the other hand, the possibilities may take another turn because the leaked features can be below your expectations. However, nothing is confirmed until the final product is not out in the market.

One of the major leaks is the launch date of iPhone 11. Ken Miyauchi, the President of SoftBank has reported that the new iPhone will be out on September 20, 2019. His statement can be true because the previous iPhone models have been launched in similar dates.


Another great fact that is out is that the new iPhone has nothing to fear from the existing competition. This explains that iPhone 11 will be better than the Galaxy Note 10 by Samsung. The two tech giants have been great rivals to each other. But if the predictions are legit, then you can expect Apple to win this time. In the last couple of weeks, it is observed that iPhone users were trading their devices for Samsung smartphones. However, it seems like Apple’s focus on investing heavy amounts in its R&D could bring excellent innovations in future products.

It is also reported that the layout of iPhone 11 includes a vertically aligned logic board. This means that the new phone has a little touch of the previous design. This is done to ensure large space for the battery, which signifies that the iPhone 11 series will have better battery time. In the previous models, users were found complaining about less battery performance as compared to Apple’s competitors. So, if this is what it is, then it is something attractive for the customers.

According to the recent leaks, it is also revealed that Apple has reintroduced the Touch ID feature. This option was absent in the previous models, but it will be present in the upcoming iPhone. Also, the new device will include Face ID for security purpose.

All these iPhone 11 features leaked are expected to be real. Nevertheless, the company needs to do more to gain back customers’ loyalty.

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