Now You Can Install Android on Your Nintendo Switch

Now You Can Install Android on Your Nintendo Switch

Ever want to install Android on your Nintendo Switch just to turn it into a more versatile gadget? Your wish is about to come true. As we have seen all the teasers showing what the new Android can operate on Nintendo Switch and the team that is behind the mod is about to get ready for their official release.

While there isn’t nothing official about the Android ROM for this console. Furthermore, you just can’t expect Nintendo to endorse it at all. Keep it in your mind that custom ROM installation on any type of hardware generally isn’t advised and might have unwanted side-effects.

That being said, nothing is stopping you from exploring the features that Android is bringing to your Nintendo Switch. If you want to know how to install it, check out this xda-developers forum thread which explains the process how to install Android ROM on your Nintendo Switch. Basically, it will turn your Switch into somewhat like Nvidia Shield TV device that works both handheld and dock mode.

The Android ROM will be based on version 8.1 via LineageOS 15.1. Don’t expect Pie or Q to come soon for your Nintendo Switch yet. Once you load Android on the console, you can use the Joy-Con controllers but it only works via Bluetooth connectivity. Audio is also supported but for some annoying reasons you won’t be able to turn off the screen in docked mode.

Assuming that the developers are working to iron out the issues, things might get better in the future. Once there is progression and seeing how the gamers community reacts to this modification installation. We might see the developers who work on the mod introduce more features like Pie and Q.

The forum thread comes with detailed instructions that tells you how to download the OS image and how to install it on your Switch. But, you will have to wait until next week as the developers are still ironing out on the Android release for Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out this thread for updates.

This recent news came after Nintendo is reportedly to be working on two new models to expand its Switch family line. The company is also exploring options to integrate 5G technology into its models that potentially will enhance gamer’s experience. A lot of exciting updates are happening from Nintendo and the modding community around the world.

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