How to Create a Good Conversion Strategy Guide for Beginners

How to Create a Good Conversion Strategy: Guide for Beginners

Creating a good conversion strategy is one of the top goal for smart and savvy internet marketers as well entrepreneurs. Unfortunately,  majority of the digital marketers lacks the most simple and foundation skills that is essential to optimize their site’s conversion rate. Not because they don’t want to increase the conversion rate and number of sales. But simply because they do not know how to create a good and engaging conversion strategy.

Often of the time, they think it is very complex to build a good conversion strategy. As of a result, they lost their hope for success through utilizing these simple conversion strategies. Before we dive into this guide to teach you how to take advantage of these conversion rate optimization opportunities. These methods isn’t something that you can quickly make improvements in a day. Rather, it takes a few weeks as you need to gather hard data and analyze to identify optimization opportunities to improve the conversion rate.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is defined as a process for improving the percentage of visitors that visits your site and converts them into customers or to take the desire action that the site owner wants the visitors to achieve.

In simple layman term, CRO helps digital marketers decide what the visitors are looking for and gives it to them in the best way possible to help them achieve the desired action. Optimizing your conversion rate helps your business grow, increase leads, sales, return on investment and of course propel your site’s SEO ranking. In the bottom line, a good and clear conversion strategy will have significant positive impact for your business.

To take advantage of conversion rate optimization opportunities, you need to know what is your targeted audience. These can be done by analyzing your audience’s behaviors, solutions that they are looking for, quality of content, colors of your website and even the user interface design. A good conversion strategy also means you need to be able to build a proper website, blog page and landing page.

Furthermore, optimizing the conversion rate will also require a good content writing of headlines, compelling call to action buttons as well the placement of advertisement and services. Using one color could throw your visitor off that can impact the conversion rate for making a sale.

Now that I have covered the introduction of conversion rate optimization. In this guide, I am going to teach you several ways you can take advantages to build a good conversion strategy to maximize your revenue possibilities. Stick with us to learn more about these proven conversion strategies to further enhance your website’s growth.

Quick links to top 7 effective conversion strategies:

  • Contrasting colors
  • Button placements
  • Action keywords
  • Compelling content
  • Embedded videos
  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Incorporate links onto images

1. Use Contrasting Colors

Have you ever visited websites that comes with one simple color all in red including buttons, blog posts, and even the headings? Sounds boring right? The problem is that sites that comes in one simple color leads to low conversion rate because we are naturally resistant to one color. If a site comes in one simple color, it minimizes the distracting and doesn’t compels us to engage with the content.

A simple solution to this if you prefer to keep your theme color but use different colors for buttons. One way to do this is look at your theme’s color and check the other side is the opposing color that you should be using for the buttons.

Contrasting Color Circles

For instance if your theme color is orange, the alternative color you should be using for call to action buttons should be blue. Vice versa, if your main color is green then the alternative color should be purple for your buttons. But that doesn’t means you should strictly follow these code of contrasting color. You can also do blue and purple, blue and green, orange and red and so on as long as they are strong enough to make stark contrast.

2. Place The Buttons Strategically

You will not believe how many digital marketers failed to do this. Because of poor button placements, they are not able to achieve high conversion rate that they are aiming for. If you are going to convert your customers into buyers, you need to place the call to action buttons strategically. Which means you need to place the buttons closer to the top and after introducing the product to your audience.

A good example of smart placement button is our guide on the best drones for beginners. As you can see, we introduced a drone to our audience and immediately place a call to action button. This allows our audience to check the product while they learn more about the drones we want our audience to buy.

A button next to the product is likely to achieve higher conversion rate than placing the button all the way to end of article. If you want to achieve optimal conversion rate, you should strategically place the button so that it is always visible and readily available in case your audience decides that they want to buy the product now.

3. Use Action Keywords to Draw Impulse

One method to do this is use keywords that encourages your audience to act on impulse. Use action keywords like “buy now”, “order now”, “check price”, “read full review” and more that will compel your audience to take action. Passive keywords like “see price”, “learn more” and non-engaging keywords don’t generate that much of conversion.

You need to be aggressive with the keywords. Be smart and use action keywords to compel your audience to take action as they are looking for products and solutions to their everyday needs. Proper use of action keywords in combination with these smart button placements is an effective method of a good conversion strategy.

4. Create Compelling Content

A poorly written content will not compel your audience to convert. There are so many examples of poorly written articles that I have visited that is so vast to list here. But here is an example of a poorly written content that isn’t engaging or interesting at all.

While the author attempts to make the point that Rogue One is important to the future generation of Star Wars. He isn’t saying that is particular interesting. Rather, it is a quick subject with a lot of repetition and saying the same things in an entirely different ways. As it seemingly like they are trying to hit a certain word count.

A good compelling content should be straightforward, simple, and engaging. It should be the solution that your audience are looking for. A good example of simple and compelling content is that if you are talking about why Siteground is an amazing good web host service provider. You should explain the reasons why it is a good brand for building your sites and convince your audiences to buy their services. Simple as it is.

5. Embedding Videos to Your Articles

One of the most powerful and effective conversion strategy to boost your sales and earnings is doing a very simple method: embedding videos to your articles. This can be done by creating the videos yourself explaining a product or talking about a brand that you want to promote to your audience. You also can embed videos from other content creators that showcases the product you are trying to sell to your audience.

From my personal experience, I found articles that have embedded videos sells more compared to articles that do not have embedded videos at all. Not to forget to mention that embedded videos also have SEO benefits which helps your pages rank higher in the search results. If you truly want to maximize your earnings and conversion opportunities, creating the videos yourself is the best way to do so.

6. Use Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Believe it or not, a good headline is one of the primary front line that brings traffic to your site. Come to think about this, there is two different headlines presented to you in the search results. One says, “Top 5 drones for beginners” and another article with headline saying, “Top 5 Drones That You Need to Buy Now for Beginners.”

Which one you think the website is likely going to visit? The second one of course because of the keywords “need” and “buy now” compels them to check the best drones right now. As of a result, it attracts quality traffic that boosts your site’s ranking. Using compelling attention-grabbing headline is just about as important as it is to optimize your conversion rate.

7. Incorporate Links Onto The Images

This is the most under used conversion strategy. A lot of bloggers and digital marketers don’t take advantage of implementing their affiliate links onto the images. This means they are missing out on awesome opportunity to generate additional earnings from having the users clicking on the images and gets referred to the services / product that the site owner is trying to promote.

Good example of articles that incorporate affiliate links is our Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia, SteelSeries Rival 700, and Cougar Attack X3 guides. As you can see that we added affiliate links on these images which benefits the conversion rate and promote more sales. This is a very good conversion strategy that you should be doing it to further improve your site’s earnings even though if the incremental is minimal means a lot in the long run as your site SEO ranking continues to grow over the time.


Create a good conversion strategy requires you to develop a well-thought out site. Which means it involves all optimization opportunities like creating engaging content, placing the buttons intelligently and using attention-grabbing headlines to drive traffic to your site. If you are struggling with conversion rates, there are good chance that you will need to follow one or more of these good conversion strategies.

Have you taken the opportunity to use any of these conversion optimization to improve your site? Let us know by sharing your experience via commenting in the comments section below. If you are completely new to starting your very first website, I recommend Siteground which you can afford it for $3.95 a month. You also can check out Wealthy Affiliate which will set you back for $19 on the first month and $49 a month afterwards. But you will get a whole heap of support from the helpful community over there.

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