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How to Buy a Drone: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

So you are interested in buying your very first drone? Great, you have come to the right place because in this guide we will teach you how to buy a drone that is right for you based on your preferences. Did you know that are are so many different types of drones available in the consumer market? Yet, buying the right one can be a difficult task.

Which is why we assembled an ultimate guide on how to buy a drone for beginners. Throughout our experience and products researching, we narrowed to these top 10 best drones to shop right now in 2019. The list consists a wide range of smart camera drones that are outfitted with GPS module to entry-level quadcopter which is affordable but limited features.

Before we dive into the guide on how to buy a drone. I want to briefly introduce you to what these drones are about and how to pick a drone that is right for you. When I first picked up flying drones as my hobby, I spent a lot of time researching what quadcopter I wanted. In the end, I went with HS150 Bolt Bee which actually became my favorite drone of all the time due to its lighting speed and sturdy build.

But you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of time doing product researching. Why? Because we already did all of it for you. These top 10 drones are handpicked that is proven successful for beginners. Plus, they are the best of all that sets apart from mediocre competitors which you can expect to get a high-quality drone that will deliver and meet your expectations.

What Is A Drone?

A drone simply means an unmanned aerial vehicle systems that is controlled via remote controller without the need of a human pilot onboard. That’s the simplest term for a drone. Although, we are talking about consumer-based drones which are usually way smaller and often outfitted with fancy features and camera designed for capturing aerial photography.

There are a lot drone categories: photography drones, racing drones, toy drones, selfie drones, pocket drones, and more. Choosing the best one that fits you in one of these categories can be quite challenging if you aren’t sure where to start looking at.

But don’t worry, we will make it easy for you. The first two things you should consider when buying a drone is is how well it performs and is it durable? If the drone meets the criteria, then it is definitely a good quadcopter to shop. Features are just gimmicks, but if you want to have the ability to produce 4K resolution footage or fly longer for more than half hour, they come with more expensive price tag.

How to Buy Drone That Is Right For You?

Now, this is a matter of preference. Not everyone is going to like X drone, Y drone or Z drone. If you have a passion for racing, you are likely going to love a racing drone that is packed with incredible flying speed up to 100 miles per hour.

Likewise, if you are looking for a great quality selfie-drone to capture special moments. You will enjoy a drone with limited control range but has the capability to shoot 4K resolution setting without having to spend exorbitant price on it.

On the other hand, if you are vying to become an aerial photographer. A camera drone with 4K resolution capabilities will be the best fit for your photography needs as they usually come with long flight time and impressive control range.

In this guide, we are going to share the best drones in these top 10 categories:

  • Camera Drone
  • Professional Drone
  • Toy Drone
  • Racing Drone
  • Selfie Drone
  • GPS Drone
  • Pocket Drone
  • Travel Drone
  • Foldable Drone
  • Beginner Drone

Best Camera Drone for Beginners

DJI Phantom 3 Professional

A camera drone is perfect for anybody who is interested in aerial photography. Often these type of drones are equipped with high-quality camera capable of producing 4K resolution stills and footages. They also usually come with integrated GPS / GLONASS module to enable intelligent flight modes in order to produce professional and smooth cinematic footage that is consumable for your audience.

Not just only that, it allows you to adjust the drone’s camera remotely. Which gives you plenty of control over how you want to shape the aerial perspective. The best camera drone for beginners is the Phantom 3 Professional. This quadcopter was launch in 2015 and is still the best camera drone for beginners. It is half the price tag of its successor, yet it is packed with awesome imaging qualities.

The DJI Phantom 3 has a flight time up to 23 minutes and a maximum remote control distance up to 3.1 miles. Which is more than enough for an entry-level aerial photographer who wants to pick up an affordable camera drone to start with. In addition to that, you can store the footage on a 64GB micro SD card which then lets you create and edit your own video content for sharing on social media platforms.

Best Professional Drone for Beginners

Best Professional Drone for Beginners

The best professional drone for beginners is obviously DJI Inspire 2. Although, this advanced professional-grade camera drone comes at a steep price tag. It is still one of the easiest and most simple quadcopter for anybody who is looking to transform their drone business into a potential money-maker.

The DJI Inspire 2 has removable camera which lets you replace its standard imaging device to Zenmuse X7 which features a mouthwatering 6K resolution setting at incredible frames rate per second of 60. It is not cheap either, but it is one of the least expensive professional drone for beginners.

Most of professional drones usually go for more than $50,000 and it can be quite costly to invest a start-up business. Fortunately, the DJI Inspire 2 is a popular choice for hiring drone pilots due to brand’s reputation that makes it knowledgeable among clients. This drone has a flight time of 27 minutes and a maximum remote control distance of 4 miles.

Best Toy Drone for Beginners

Best Toy Drone for Beginners Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

There are so many toy-grade drones in the market. However, some of them aren’t that great so we don’t recommend them to our readers at all. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee is a shining example of a high-quality entry level toy-grade drone for beginners.

This aerodynamic quadcopter is packed with incredible flying speed up to 31 miles. In addition to that, it is designed to be lightweight as possible while providing sturdy build to resist impact for long service life time. Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee uses modularized battery that provides flight time up to 7 minutes and is built to deliver power more efficiently for better performance.

When it comes to performance, this drone can be flown up to 70 meters away. Plus, it can do 360-degree flips as well performing sharp aerial turns to impress the bystanders. Not to mention that the drone comes with a bonus battery which gives it a total flight time of 14 minutes, quite impressive for a high-quality toy drone.

Best Racing Drone for Beginners

Best Racing Drone for Beginners UVify Draco

Introducing UVify Draco racing drone. This is by far one of the best racing drone for beginners due to its automated aerial capabilities and advanced software features that makes it a performance-driven quadcopter. As expensive as these racing drones generally are, they are perfect for beginners who have thrill for speed.

The UVify Draco racing drone can soar up to a maximum flight speed of 80 miles per hour that puts it ahead most of consumer-based quadcopters. In addition to that, it has an average flight time of 10 minutes. Depending on how aggressive you are flying it around and weather factors that influence its performance.

This racing drone also comes with updates which you can choose to install automatically to keep the drone performance updated. Most racing drones don’t have this kind of feature and thus, it makes UVify Draco one of the best racing quadcopter for beginners.

Best Selfie Drone for Beginners

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow Drone

If you are looking for an inexpensive selfie drone that delivers quality stills. Meet Holy Stone HS160 Shadow. This compact and portable camera drone is built for selfie thanks to its built-in 720P HD camera. It is capable of capturing simple stills that can be shared along with your family and friends to create special moments.

Because of this drone’s design and build quality, it is incredible sturdy and tough that makes it easy to withstand impact without any issues. Performance-wise, a single battery provides flight time up to 8 minutes and it has a maximum remote control distance up to 70 meters.

Holy Stone HS160 Shadow has already found its way home in more than thousand households due to its popularity. Just like several other Holy Stone drones, the Shadow quadcopter comes with a bonus battery which pushes its total flight time to 16 minutes. Combined with its great aerial performance, it is one of the best selfie drone for beginners.

Best GPS Drone for Beginners

Best GPS Drone for Beginners

One of the best GPS drone for beginners is Eachine E511S. This is a very popular drone that resembles closely to DJI Mavic Air. If you are a huge fan of DJI Mavic Air but you don’t want to spend too much money. Then Eachine E511S is a good choice because it is incorporated with GPS / GLONASS module which enables intelligent flight functions.

Plus, it is outfitted with 1080P HD camera that beautifully deliver crispy-clear footage directly to your mobile devices. You don’t even need someone to fly this drone for you on a solo journey, because it has Follow Me capability. Which allows the drone to autonomously follow anywhere you go. This lets your creative flow freely while producing footage of you walking in a field of meadows or in the park.

The Eachine E511S uses intelligent flight battery that lets you know how much battery juice it has left inside. In addition to that, the length of flight time has been enhanced dramatically up to 15 minutes per charge. When it comes to flying the drone, it has a maximum remote control distance of 300 meters. Absolutely a breathtaking for an affordable GPS drone.

Best Pocket Drone for Beginners

Best Pocket Drone for Beginners

Introducing Cheerwing X27, one of the best pocket drone for beginners. This quadcopter resembles an appearance of Ladybug Beetle. As adorable as it is, the Cheerwing X27 makes the perfect choice for kids and beginners who are new to world of drones. If you have never flown a drone before and is interested in picking up drones as your new hobby. This might well be the best choice for you to start with.

It doesn’t have impressive control distance as other drones listed in this guide. But with a maximum control distance of 15 meters and flight time of 5 minutes. It is definitely a decent quadcopter that delivers fun in your home. Along with these specifications, Cheerwing X27 drone can perform aerial tricks and automatic functions such as landing and take off.

Not to forget to mention that it also comes with built-in safety features like return to home, low power alarm, and out of range alarm. Overall, Cheerwing X27 is an excellent entry-level pocket drone for beginners that makes flying simple, engaging, and fun.

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