How to Delete Siri Recordings on Your Apple Mac and iOS
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How to Delete All of Your Siri Recordings on Apple Mac and iOS

We have spoken with Apple earlier this morning regarding the secret Siri recordings incident and confirmed that it is possible to delete all the files of what the company has on you. We also were informed that the number of retained recordings for quality assurance purposes are low. Thus, the odds are that you probably don’t have any retained data. Below is the step-by-step to delete all the recording files on your Apple Mac and iOS:

On the Apple Mac:

Simply navigate to Apple Menu and select System Preferences, and follow these steps:

  • Click Siri
  • Disable Enable Ask Siri
  • In System Preferences, click Dictation
  • Turn Dictation off

On iOS

On your iPhone, simple navigate to Settings and tap on the icon, then follow these steps:

  • Tap Siri & Search
  • Turn off Listen for “Hey Siri”
  • Turn off Press Side Button for Siri
  • After Apple warns you that you have turned off Siri, tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Keyboard
  • Turn Enable Dictation off.

There is no action required on Apple Watch or a HomePod device.

But, there are two catches though. First, you will have to do this on every Mac and iOS device you own as the recordings aren’t stored to a iCloud account. Furthermore, when you turn on Siri and Dictation again, it is likely they will retain the data with an entire new anoymized identifier.

For now, Apple has turned off the manual grading collection. Along with several new changes coming soon, namely the iOS 13 which is currently in public beta for testing purposes that is due to release this Fall. You can install public beta build of iOS 13 by following this guide.

Devices that are set up as new can opt-out of data collection. According to the sources inside Apple are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company said that doing so will prevent data from being collected on the new devices as it always has been done.

There are also reports that users can install a custom device profile that prevents recordings. Currently, we can’t recommend taking that step until safety of the profile is ensured. Apple also stated that you shouldn’t install profiles that isn’t trusted.

In the latest financial news, Apple has been making a small gain. But they also faced several issues such as security warning that required users to update their iPhone to avoid attackers from exploiting their data. What are your thoughts and views about the recent secret Siri recordings incident that ultimately led Apple to end contract with the contractors?

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