Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Review: Smart GPS Drone With 2K Camera

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Drone Review

Holy Stone recently released a brand new smart GPS drone that is outfitted with a 2K camera. Introducing Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone. The company upgraded the drone with a superior camera drone that lets you capture stills and record videos in stunning 2K high-definition resolution. The former latter was an action camera drone that features 1080P HD camera which can be replaced with any action cams such as Osmo Action or GoPro HERO 7 Black.

Although, the introduction of upgraded Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia clearly caught many people by surprise. With its incredible affordable price tag and stellar flight performance. It is tempting to say whether this smart camera drone beats DJI Spark or not. Which is why we created an in-depth review about Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone. The purpose of this review is to help shoppers like you become informed of what this camera drone has to offer.

Like every other drones such as Eachine E511S and DJI Ryze Tello drone. The Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is a brand new quadcopter that boasts above the average performance, intelligent flight modes, and more. If you are a beginner looking for a smart camera drone to begin with. Then look no further because in this review, we are going to cover all the basics you need to know about this powerful quadcopter. Without further ado, let’s get the propellers spinning.

Build and Design Quality

To kickstart our review about Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone, we are going to talk about its design and build quality. On the first glance, this appears to be a heavy-sized quadcopter that weights just a little bit over 2 pounds. Which means you will need to register this drone with Federal Aviation Administration if you want to operate it for recreational purpose. Regardless, I liked how this drone features in jet black coating that makes it appealing for beginners and experienced remote pilots

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Drone

In the front, it features built-in LED lights that acts as a powerful searchlight. Each motor arms is also outfitted with colorful LED lights that tells you which is front and back. The body framework is assisted with thick material that makes it durable against impact. Thereby improving its overall resistance and giving it an excellent service lifespan. Not just only the Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia is an incredible flying gadget. It uses brushless motors that lasts longer and runs much smoother compared to brushed motor drones like HS150 Bolt Bee for instance.

On the bottom, the drone is supported with two durable landing pads. I liked the design of the landing pads because it provides distance for its camera to the ground. Which means it does a good job at preventing tiny particles from getting stuck onto the camera. Furthermore, the landing pads acts as a safe measurement to soften the impact after each flight session. Overall, the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is a heavy bird packed with quality design for durability and impressive service lifespan.

Flight Performance

One of the key feature that HS700D Ophelia brings to the table is its new and improved flight time. The former HS700 Ophelia only had a flight time up to 20 minutes. Thanks to newly improved battery capacity and better power efficiency, the HS700D Ophelia gained two extra minutes. For some of the most aspiring remote pilots, all these extra flight minutes matters a lot.

Longer battery life time means you can accomplish a lot more in one flight session. With its built-in intelligent charging system and protection against hazards such as overcharge and discharge. Holy Stone is carefully positioning the HS700D Ophelia as a regional competitor against other brands such as Potensic D85 and DJI Spark. Furthermore, it has a remote control distance up to 1,000 meters. Which gives you plenty of flying space to soar the drone around.

Not just only that the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia comes with better flight time and longer remote control distance. Its maximum flight speed also got considerable improvements. In fact, it is able to fly up to 40 miles per hour. Definitely a stunning upgrade as Holy Stone HS700D is quickly becoming one of the best performing drone with an affordable price tag.

Along with its stellar flight performance, the drone is assisted by a number of features. For instance, it uses intelligent flight modes to perform Orbit Mode, Follow Me, and even Gesture Mode. It also incorporates beginner-friendly features that simplifies the whole flight operations. To start flying, simply activate takeoff button and use the same button again to land.

Intelligent Flight Modes

Thanks to integration of GPS / GLONASS module, operating intelligent flight modes on Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is possible. For some of you who are new to drones, the intelligent flight modes are very powerful features. While they do make this drone perform smarter, you can do a whole lot more with these modes. Simple functions like telling the drone to follow anywhere you go. Which makes it an awesome tool for solo journey.

Another amazing intelligent flight mode that the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia brings to the table is the ability to perform 360-degree Orbit Mode. Select a point of interest and use this intelligent flight mode. Then the drone will automatically perform a 360-degree video of an object. Making videos like these for a cruising ship or important buildings is even easier than ever.

Holy Stone HS700D GPS Camera Drone

If you want to customize your own videos. You can do so with its integrated waypoint tracking mode. Simply hover the drone over position that you want to record. Create multiple waypoints on the way to end point. Once it has been done, the drone will fly back to starting point and automatically record video for you. The waypoint mode is a great intelligent flight mode that lets you get creative and providing aerial solutions.

Finally, the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia utilizes Smart Return to Home function. Unlike other drones, this feature will tell the quadcopter to fly upward by several meters and return directly to its last homepoint. This feature ensures the drone remains safe while piloting on the way back to home. Simple and cheap toy-grade drones doesn’t do this hence it is easy to see why they get lost compared to smart GPS drones like Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia.


Believe it or not, the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is literally packed with ton of awesome features. Ranging from beginner-friendly features to intelligent flight modes. That being said, this heavy-sized bird comes with interesting features which focuses on making it safer to fly. Beginner-friendly features includes the ability to takeoff and land automatically without having to do it manually.

Holy Stone HS700D Features

In addition to that, the HS700D Ophelia is outfitted with optical flow system. Which allows the drone to automatically detect changes in the air pressure system and adjust accordingly to maintain its stability and flight control. Beginners who are concerned about safety of drone will be relieved to find out that this drone is also equipped with low power battery alarm, out of range alarm, and wind warning system.

Even though these advanced camera drones is still relatively new, Holy Stone had made it possible for beginners and experienced remote pilot to acquire a smart camera drone at an affordable price tag. Thanks to a multitude of features that HS700D Ophelia drone introduced to consumers. In the next section of Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia review, we are going to talk about quality of the camera.

Camera Quality

First of all, the new Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is a significant upgrade from its former latter. Instead of an action camera, it is mounted with a high-quality camera that lets you capture footage at 2KHD resolution setting. But there is an underlying advantage that this drone brings to the table, which pretty much beats most of the drones in its price range.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Camera

The Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia camera is mounted on a gimbal stabilizer. Which means it is able to keep the footage relatively stable to deliver stunning aerial footages. However, it isn’t that impressive compared to DJI Spark’s 2-axis gimbal stabilizer or Mavic Air’s 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. The fact that this drone features a 1-axis gimbal stabilizer makes it far a better choice for beginners and recreational remote pilots.

If you are a vying aerial photographer looking to become professional someday. I have expanded both stills and videos in two separate sections to further discuss the quality of footage. We think you will be surprised to learn that there is a quality difference between stills and videos when it comes to flying a Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone.


In this part of the review, we are going to talk about the quality of stills. Generally, this heavy-sized bird is capable of capturing beautiful stills thanks to its impressive 12MP camera and the ability to produce in 2K HD resolution setting. To capture a still, simply position the drone you want its camera to face at. While it will hover steadily, click capture button to take snapshot. You will be able to store it directly on your mobile device and the microSD card as well.


You also can record videos with Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone. Thanks to its built-in 1-axis gimbal stabilizer, you can enjoy its minimal shakiness and reduced vibration. However, don’t expect all of its vibration to be fully eliminated as if you want to get the best footage, you will have to fly slowly. Even though its 1-axis gimbal stabilizer does a good job at keeping the footage steady, you will be able to produce 2K HD videos @ 30 FPS.

Remote Controller

One of my favorite part about this bird is that it comes with a professional looking remote controller. It is big and somewhat a little bit heavy. But the design makes it so easy to handle for beginners who have no prior flight experience. Additionally, you can mount your mobile device onto the remote controller to see live video feed in real time. Thanks to its integrated 5G functionality, it ensures that the transmission gets delivered in crystal clear quality and smoothly as possible.

Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia Remote Controller

The remote controller for Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone generally have an operating time up to three – four hours each single charge. So, it is highly recommended that you purchase additional batteries for the drone to extend its flight session. That being said, I liked the way this remote controller is designed. Specifically its inscription on the buttons that makes it easy enough for beginners to learn and understand what each button exactly does.

Alternative Options

While Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is clearly the top dog for the best drones under $300. Some of you might want to explore alternative options to see what is out there. Although, there isn’t that many drones who can compete directly with HS700D Ophelia due to its exceptional flight performance. Actually, there is one drone that might be a good alternative option to this camera drone.

Holy Stone HS700D Features Drone

The Potensic D85 is a good choice for beginners who wants to have their hands on an action camera drone. This quadcopter features replaceable action camera that lets you upgrade to a better one if you want to transform it into an aerial photography drone. It comes with a flight time of 20 minutes and a maximum remote control distance up to 1,300 meters. While it does have a slightly more control distance compared to HS700D Ophelia, it falls shorts because of its camera quality.

A more expensive drone that isn’t any better than the Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia due to its shorter flight time. The DJI Spark comes with a 4K camera drone mounted on a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer combined with its maximum remote control distance that lets you operate the drone up to 2,000 meters. Which is doubled the amount of what Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia can be flown.

Final Verdict

In conclusion of Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia drone, we think this is an impressive flying gadget. With its superior flight performance, long flight time, good remote control and of course integrated intelligent flight modes. The Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia has retaken its former crown as a powerful and formidable competitor.

With more than 600+ positive customer reviews, it is easy to see why you shouldn’t pass on this advanced GPS camera drone. Whether you are a beginner, a recreational remote pilot, or looking to upgrade to a better camera drone. The Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia is a drone that will give you the ultimate flight experience of your life.

Furthermore, you can check out our guide to buying the right drone for beginners. That way you can jumpstart your drone journey. We hope you found our review about Holy Stone HS700D Ophelia helpful and insightful. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in comments section below. Happy flying!

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