Holy Stone HS161 Camera Drone

Holy Stone HS161 Review: Portable Camera Drone for Beginners

Holy Stone recently launched a brand new portable camera drone called the HS161 quadcopter. This is the latest addition to Holy Stone’s evergrowing set of popular flying gadgets such as the HS150 Bolt Bee and more specifically HS700 Ophelia. If you are on a hunt for the best and high-quality camera drone that is smart enough for beginners. Stick with us because in our in-depth review about Holy Stone HS161 drone, you will find out why this camera quadcopter is the best pick for new and experienced drone users.

Last updated on January 24, 2020 11:20 pm

Through product research, I have assembled an in-depth review about Holy Stone HS161 portable camera drone. This is a smart and sleek quadcopter that have uncanny resemblance close to the Parrot Anafi. Regardless, the HS161 camera drone comes with a price tag less than $150 which makes it incredible affordable option even for first time drone buyers. Without further ado, let’s dive into the Holy Stone HS161 review and find out what the buzz is all about this latest portable camera drone.

Design and Build Quality

To kickstart our Holy Stone HS161 drone review, we are going to do an in-depth assessment of design and build quality. On the first impression, this is a very compact and portable drone that is designed to be simple enough for carrying around inside your pockets or a traveling case. When the drone is folded, it resembles like a flashlight that you can conveniently hold it.

Holy Stone HS161 Drone Review

Thanks to its foldable motor arms, you can easily unfold them and install propeller guards. Holy Stone HS161 camera drone is equipped with a searchlight located at the front that assists with visual positioning. In addition to that, it features a 1080P HD camera that is powerful enough to deliver quality stills and videos directly to your mobile devices.

I recommend purchasing either 64GB microSD card or 128GB microSD card to go with this drone if you want to be able to retain these footage captured in its true resolution quality. The material that is used to craft HS161 drone is made of high quality ABS plastic casing that gives it sturdy durability. Which improves the drone’s lifespan and makes it resistant to impacts.

Flight Performance

When it comes to flight performance, it is the most important part of any reviews. In this section, we will learn more about Holy Stone HS161 drone performance. This foldable camera drone isn’t your standard toy-grade drone. As a matter of fact, it comes with an intelligent flight battery that provides up to 10 minutes. Furthermore, it has a maximum remote control distance that allows you to fly this drone up to 100 meters away.

Holy Stone HS161 Drone

In terms of specifications, these flight time and control distance is above the average. But HS161 drone also comes with a bunch of features that is designed to be beginner friendly. For instance, this foldable camera drone uses optical flow system. Which helps keep the drone balanced, stable and precise for the best flight experience any drone users can ask for.

In addition to that, Holy Stone HS161 camera drone can perform a various array of features like automatic takeoff, landing, return to home and more. These features simplifies all the flight functions so that beginners can focus more on playing with the drone and less on maintaining its positioning. Most importantly, this camera drone comes with speed mode that is flexible and helps beginners learn the basics of flight. Once you master the basics, you can adjust the speed mode to elevate and master your piloting skill level.

Camera, Flashlight, and Portable Modes

Holy Stone managed to make the HS161 drone a very unique flying gadget apart from other popular quadcopters such as Eachine E511S. To have the drone deliver stills and videos to your mobile device, simply download the app and connect to quadcopter. Capture stills and videos, then the app will make a copy of it and store in your smartphone. Alternatively, you can have these footage stored in a microSD card (I recommend either 64GB or 128GB for this drone).

Holy Stone HS161 Portable Camera Drone

But, wait there is more to this. You actually don’t have to fly this drone at all. If you just want to be able to take selfie shots or to capture stills and videos. Simply have the drone folded and hold it like an action camera. You will be able to record footage in portable mode which is definitely a huge stepping stone towards a drone/action camera hybrid.

The fun also doesn’t stop right there. If you are camping out somewhere in the forest and want to tell some horror stories to your kids. Simply activate the drone and turn its searchlight on. It will act as a flashlight while you tell scary stories. Basically, the Holy Stone HS161 is a drone / action camera / flashlight combination that comes with a really good price tag.

Final Verdict: Should You Buy HS161 Drone?

If you were to ask me whether you should buy Holy Stone HS161 drone. I definitely would say yes because what other drone that can offer flashlight, action camera and the ability to fly at the same time. Holy Stone managed to innovate time after time. This brand new Holy Stone HS161 drone surely will spread like a wildfire because of its popular application uses for camping out, traveling, and even as recreational sports for beginners and experienced users.

Last updated on January 24, 2020 11:20 pm

Its price tag is reasonable that features 10 minutes of flight time and a maximum remote control distance up to 100 meters. Along with a high quality remote controller that makes it simple enough for beginners to understand the basics of flight controls. This drone is a solid entry-level portable camera drone to shop for and we highly recommend it.

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