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Goldman to Cast Wide Net for Apple Card Customers

Goldman Sachs is found casting a broad net for Apple card customers. The bank is approving only a few subprime borrowers for their latest innovation with Apple. Also, it owes the position to decide who is eligible to get the Apple Card, is only accepting applications from limited users. These fortunate ones are those who acquire mediocre credit scores. Apple and Goldman announced credit card’s availability to limited people this week. However, a broader rollout is expected later this month.

From the very beginning, Apple always wished that its bank partner would create a platform for its 100 million-plus iPhone users in the USA. Apple wanted everything to be 100% legal and lawful and Goldman has made it possible. The users will be able to use the card under certain restrictions. This clarifies that the bank has created Apple’s card with a lot of attention and research. Therefore, you can say that Apple has achieved another milestone this year.


Apple has been witnessing hatred from its users from the past few days. The intrusion issue made people doubtful about Apple’s security. In fact, the news was true because Apple did accept that iPhone users were not safe from hackers. Moreover, the news about Siri added fuel to the fire. The users were emotionally wounded when they came to know that Siri was recording their voices without even giving a single hint. But things calm down a little as people discovered ways to delete all the recorded messages.

With such issues, it seems that Goldman would have faced several difficulties in launching the card. The bank is playing a major role in the market for approximately 150 years. So, it appears to be that it has made some of the most important decisions before releasing the Apple Card. Indeed, all those limited invitations sent to Apple users for their credit card are a way to identify the product’s hype.

Apple Card is not a new idea. As a matter of fact, the notion was clicked to Steve Job in the late 1990s. However, he was not able to see his concept turning into reality. Nevertheless, Tim Cook’s version of Apple is observed to be launching new products this fall. September of 2019 is expected to come with a new 16-inch LCD MacBook Pro with the latest keyboard. Followed with the release of two iPad models, the users are frantically waiting for the all-new iPhone 11 series. But one of the best things on which Apple is working is the application to know early signs of dementia.

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