Eachine E58 Drone Review: Mavic Pro Clone Under $100 for Beginners

Eachine E58 Drone Review

Eachine introduces a brand new foldable drone that is impressive designed and somehow looks similar to the popular DJI Mavic Pro. If you are looking for a quadcopter that looks like a DJI Mavic Pro, this foldable camera drone certainly will save you some pocket money. However, you should keep your expectations in check as the Eachine E58 foldable drone is merely a clone with sub-performing features.

Like many popular toy-grade drones such as HS150 Bolt Bee and DJI Ryze Tello drone, the Eachine E58 makes into the spotlight thanks to its unique design, affordable price tag and strong aftermarket support. Because of its deep popularity, I decided to write a review about Eachine E58 foldable camera drone.

Through the product research, I assembled an in-depth review that focuses on providing you with all the information you need to know about Eachine E58 drone. While this foldable camera drone is incredible popular among beginners. The comparison stops right there because the Eachine E58 drone captures the familiar at a budget price for the better or worse.

Compact & Lightweight Design

The Eachine E58 drone features lightweight and compact design that lands it just less than 100 grams. The body dimension of this foldable camera drone is approximately the size of your palm hand. Which is incredible small consider it is like one-third of what the DJI Mavic Pro actually is. It also comes with a compact folding remote controller that has an average designed mount holder for your mobile device.

Eachine E58 Foldable Drone Review

To securely hold your mobile device, you will need to insert it onto the mount holder and push it back onto the remote controller. Eachine E58 drone also comes with improved gyrscope that helps keep the quadcopter steady during flight sessions. One thing I like the most about this drone is its foldable motor arms. This technology feature was first introduced by DJI Mavic Pro.

Another important design feature that Eachine E58 incorporates a built-in 720P HD camera. In addition to that, this drone has LED lights built-in around its motor arms. Which is important for visual assistance during both daytime and nighttime. When it comes to battery, it provides up to 10 minutes of flight time on a full charge. Not too shabby for an affordable foldable camera drone.

Flight Performance

The Eachine E58 drone is one of the fastest quadcopter in its price range. Which makes it a rival against the deeply popular Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee drone. Eachine E58 drone comes with flexible speed mode featuring three tiers. By default it will be at the slowest setting so that you can learn and master the basics of flight controls. Once you understand the basics, you can adjust the speed setting.

Eachine E58 Drone Camera Review

Eachine E58 drone’s performance shines bright when it flies in full force at maximum speed setting. Combined with its advanced aerial capabilities such as 360-degree flip and full user control of navigation system. It incorporates features that are beginner-friendly and makes the whole flight experience much easier, even for first time users.

When this drone is competing against the weather factors, It handles level three to level four wind with ease. However, it won’t fare well against moderate wind due to its weak propulsion force. Therefore, for an optimal flight performance. I highly recommend flying Eachine E58 drone outdoor when the wind speed is mild to minimal. Otherwise, this foldable drone still makes a great choice for interactive activity.

Flexible Repair Services

One of the biggest advantage that Eachine E58 drone has to offer is its flexible and huge repair services. If you accidentally chip off a propeller or a motor burns out and needs to be replaced. Eachine makes it very easy to find their repair kits on Amazon, for instance, you can get accessory repair kit. Although, the propeller guards is shaped differently than standard guards on most drones.

Eachine E58 DJI Mavic Pro Clone Drone

I do wish that these guards would have done a better job by protecting the propellers instead of just a portion side. Because of that, I recommend purchasing accessory repair kit just in case you need to replace piece. It is better to be safe than sorry and fly the drone than having to wait for the kit to arrive. Fortunately, these repair kits is incredible affordable and replacing the pieces is easier than you think.


Before I wrap up the Eachine E58 drone review, I want to discuss about the features that this camera quadcopter brings to the table. Even though it does look like a clone of popular DJI Mavic Pro. It doesn’t comes with state-of-the-art features as you would have hoped. As a matter of fact, it comes with a built-in 720P HD camera that delivers average image quality.

Eachine E58 Drone Features

Furthermore, it has automatic functions that makes flying easier. For instance, you can command the drone via automatic takeoff / landing. It also includes beginner-friendly feature such as altitude hold and headless mode. The first feature is pretty much self-explanatory. But, for some of you who don’t know what the heck is headless mode.

Basically, that feature allows you to pilot the drone via pushing the levers in the direction you want it to go. This feature makes it very easy for beginners to learn how to fly without having to worry about the drone’s facing position. Furthermore, Eachine E58 drone can perform tricks like 360-degree flip and adjusting the speed setting.

Compact Remote Controller

Eachine also have taken a compact and portable design approach for the drone’s remote controller. This device features a retractable mount holder that can hold large smartphones with ease. Out of all remote controllers that I have used for various drones, this is one of my personal favorite remote controller. While it is definitely the most popular remote controller as it is used by other drones such as SS41 The Beetle and X12 Quadcopter.

Eachine E58 Remote Controller

Beginners will find out that it is incredible easy to fly this drone. All thanks to inscription on the buttons. It is easy to learn how to fly because each button tells you what they do. The levers on the remote controller are used to control the drone’s movement. While these buttons shown on the remote controller pretty much tells you what they do.

There are additional buttons located on the shoulders which allows you to capture and record footage with the Eachine E58 drone. Design-wise, the remote controller is professional and sleek enough to be handled with comfortable. Although as cool as it looks, the antennas are merely for appearance and serves no purposes. Which might come across as slight disappointment to some drone enthusiasts.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Eachine E58 drone is a good quality quadcopter at an affordable price tag. This isn’t something that you should expect to have for a long time and would be better to serve the purpose as training drone. Although, it comes with built-in camera that delivers quality images to your mobile device. It has the potential to fulfill the role of teaching you about aerial photography. Which is a must-have skill for these expensive camera drones such as DJI Mavic 2 Pro.

In summary, if you are a beginner and you want to fly a drone without breaking your bank. Eachine E58 drone offers you an affordable option with good flight time and average remote control distance. If you prefer a smart camera drone, you probably will want to explore Eachine’s latest drones that already captured the attention: Eachine E511 and Eachine E511S.

If you are still unsure what type of drone you want. Then our ultimate’s buyer guide to buying the right drone for beginners will help you select a perfect quadcopter to launch your journey. Stay tuned for more updates on new gadgets and evolving technology. Be sure to subscribe below to stay on the top of game.

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