Eachine E511S Review: Best Portable Drone Packed With GPS

Eachine E511S Review Best Portable Drone Packed With GPS

Ever wanted to fly a smart camera drone without having to spend too much money for a high-end model? Eachine recently released a brand new drone called Eachine E511S, which is outfitted with 1080P HD camera and GPS / GLONASS module just for under $200. It is the latest example of technology tricking down from expensive and popular quadcopters that made its way toward the low-end production.

If you are looking for a GPS-based drone, the Eachine E511S is a strong alternative option and an upgraded version of the popular Eachine E511 model. Several popular DJI Mavic Air clones can be found online at much considerable less price tags and of course, lower specifications compared to these prosumer-graded drones selling at exorbitant price.

Eachine is an U.S-based drone manufacturer that has earned a strong reputation for its most popular quadcopter, Eachine E58. The introduction of E511S is definitely well-received among the consumers who are looking for an alternative option to the well-known DJI Mavic Air. If you are excited to get your hands on this brand new foldable camera drone, stick with us to find out more information about it!

Aerodynamically Design

On the first impression, Eachine E511S features an aerodynamically design body that focuses on minimizing the air drag. The size of this drone is incredible portable and compact that easily fits on your palm of hand. In addition to that, it comes with propellers which uses aerofoil technology that makes it foldable at the same time enhancing its aerial performance.

Eachine E511S Review Camera DroneDesign-wise, Eachine E511S looks a lot like DJI Mavic Pro. It even comes with built-in LED lights that keeps you alerted of how much battery juice it has left. In the front of drone, it has built-in 1080P HD camera that delivers image content directly to your mobile devices. The motor arms are outfitted with small landing legs that supports the drone  during the landing phase.

Eachine E511S GPS Drone ReviewWhen the drone is powered on, it will have two searchlights on in the front. While the visual LED lights are positioned throughout its motor arms for visibility purpose. Eachine E511S is small enough that it doesn’t requires a lot of power to navigate in sky which earns it an overall excellent score in the design category.

Precise, Stable Flight Performance

One of the major performance advantage that Eachine E511S brings to the table is its undisputed long flight time. A single battery provides up to 15 minutes of flight time which makes it an above the average camera drone at the price tag that it is going for. Not just only that, the installation of GPS module extends its maximum remote control distance up to 300 meters.

It is also important to note that the battery is modularized which delivers the power more efficiently to provide additional propulsion force to fly outdoor. Since the inclusion of GPS module, it allows drone the ability to maintain a hovering position. This feature is a major performance improvement because it reduces reliance on maintaining the drone’s position manually.

Quality-Packed Camera

It is a surprise that Eachine E511S is packed with 1080P HD camera. This quadcopter gives you the ability to create and deliver crispy clear images with a great level of details. If you are new to flying drones and is looking for an entry-level quadcopter that will make a good training gadget to teach you the basics of aerial photography. Eachine E511S makes a strong competitor that suits your interests and preferences.

Eachine E511S GPS Camera DroneThis quadcopter have two ways to store the footage. First and foremost is obviously that you can store the footage in its true format on a 32GB Micro SD card. If quality doesn’t matters to you. Then you can easily share saved images and videos on your smartphones directly to your family and friends. Not to forget to mention that the camera can be adjusted remotely thanks to integration of GPS module.

Opening The Box

If you are thinking about definitely getting a Eachine E511S. Be sure to read this section first so that you know what to expect upon getting the package. Inside the box, Eachine E511S comes with a set of propellers, guards, battery, remote controller, USB charger and a screwdriver. This drone is a ready-to-fly model which means it can be flown right out of the box the moment you insert battery in.

Eachine E511S GPS Drone Package

Although, we recommend charging the battery first for the best and optimal flight performance. For beginners who have never flown a drone before, installing the propeller guards is a must. Not just only that they protects the drone on impact. They don’t really impact the drone’s flight performance in any significant way. So it doesn’t matter whether you are new or an experienced remote pilot. The propeller guards gives additional layer of protection that will extend the drone’s lifespan.

Integrated Features

Eachine E511S is a smart camera drone that includes a lot of features. Thanks to integration of GPS module, it allows the drone ability to perform intelligent flight modes such as Follow Me, Orbit Mode and even Custom Flight Path Mode. Combined with number of beginner-friendly features that makes flying much easier and simple for beginners.

Eachine E511S Smart Camera Drone FeaturesIt has Speed Mode which provides a smooth learning curve for beginners to master the basics of flight controls. By default, it will be at slowest speed setting. Once you have a good piloting skill, you can increase speed mode to challenge and hone the existing skill that will be invaluable for high-end models such as DJI Mavic Air.

In addition to that, the drone can perform automatic takeoff / landing, smart return to home, warn you when it is out of range and the battery is low. It is one of affordable quadcopter packed with safety mechanism and advanced features that makes it an easy pick for beginners.

Retractable Remote Controller

One of my favorite thing about the Eachine E511S GPS drone is that it includes a retractable remote controller. It features a retractable mount holder which allows you to insert your mobile device onto it. Basically, you can view the live video feed in First Person View mode. The retractable mount holder is wide enough to support even large smartphones — which is a limitation that has plagued the DJI Mavic Pro remote controller.

Eachine E511S GPS Drone Remote Controller

Personally, I like this remote controller because all of the buttons comes with inscription. Which makes it really enough easy for beginners with no prior flying experience to start flying right out of the box. Furthermore, the remote controller delivers lighting fast response thanks to integration of GPS / GLONASS module.

The levers are used to control the drone’s movement. While these buttons shown on the front is self-explanatory, there are also extra ones located on the shoulders. Which are capture / record buttons as well performing aerial tricks and adjusting the drone’s speed setting. The Eachine E511S remote controller is portable, compact, and easy to handle. Thus, it makes the perfect remote controller for first time drone users and experienced drone pilots as well.


To recap what we talked about this smart camera drone. We think Eachine E511S is one of the best entry-level camera drone with GPS function at an affordable price tag. It is chock-full with features, amazing aerial performance and a lot of awesome capabilities.

The quality of its camera definitely comes across as surprising. But it is also a demonstration of technology slowly trickling down onto low-end production as they are becoming affordable. Which obviously is a very good thing for beginners who are new to drones but don’t want to spend too much money on it.

Eachine E511S can be bought here for $159.99. We also have an ultimate guide that teaches beginners how to buy a right drone for themselves. It extensively covers a broad range of categories including racing drones, photography drones, toy drones, and even pocket drones. Be sure to check it out if you are still thinking of getting one!

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