Drone Racing is Going HD With DJI FPV Racing Goggles

Last week, DJI filed three new products via FCC which appears to revealed that the Chinese giant is working on a brand new racing drone. Recently, DJI released a trailer showcasing their latest FPV racing goggles that features HD vision. For some of experienced drone racers probably already knows that HD vision isn’t the standard in drone racing.

However, DJI is about to set the standard with integrated gears and a move to counter-attack FatShark’s grip on the consumer market. First Person View (FPV) racing drones usually transmit analog vision back to the goggles. Believe it or not, Phantom and Mavic series have been able to stream HD vision back to the controllers. But the systems that are involved is too heavy to earn spot in those carbon-framed racing drones.

That being said, DJI is making the move to tighten their grip on the rapidly growing  market — following their latest release of Robomaster S1 Tank and more recently, Osmo Mobile 3 smartphone gimbal stabilizer. The new DJI FPV racing goggles features 720P HD resolution quality at 120 FPS with ultra-low latency as well the ability to stream at 1080P/60FPS. It also have the ability to broadcast your view to your audience for them to tune in and follow with their headsets.

DJI FPV Racing Goggles

The DJI FPV Goggles can support up to eight frequency channels which is the limit of how many drones can race side by side. Furthermore, the control range can be an issue in certain cases. DJI claimed that their latest FPV goggles will have a maximum remote control distance up to 4km (2.48 miles) which is enough to provide ample of room to soar around for racing purposes.

DJI’s new racing controller features the ability to talk to the FPV Goggles and drone which builds an unified system. It is a no exception that DJI FPV racing drone will work very well as per usual with their drones that is currently dominating the consumer market. Although, there is some obstacles they will have to get pass the hurdles first. The price is $819 for the drone without controller, and $929 with the controller. That’s more than what remote pilots are paying for their DIY drones.

Moreover, the DJI FPV drone system is actually very beautiful and professional-grade level. Which appears to take the racing to a whole new level — certainly a step above its predecessor like the DJI Goggles Racing Edition. But these things goes in grain that is more of a hobbyist sport where people prefer to build and fiddle their own gear without having corporate ecosystem like DJI proposes.

Fortunately for the hobbyists, they will get their own option following the FatShark announcement of Byte Frost HD FPV which features 720P/60FPS that works with existing goggles. There is no price available yet, but you definitely can be sure that you will get the money’s worth at much less price compared to what DJI has marked their FPV racing drone set.

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