DJI Aims to Tighten Grips on the Market With Its Best FPV Racing Drone

DJI Aims to Tighten Grip on the Market With Its Best FPV Racing Drone

The latest flying gadget released by DJI aims to tighten its grip on the FPV racing drone market comes after the release of Robomaster S1 Tank. This new FPV racing drone set will equip you with everything you need to become the world best FPV drone racer. DJI, a Chinese technology behemoth is launching a new suite of digital FPV racing drone set with a range of compatibility.

DJI Digital FPV Ecosystem includes a set of FPV racing goggles, a transmission unit that you can attach to a drone of your choice, a camera that also attaches to the transmission unit and a drone body. In addition to that, the package comes with an FPV controller. These gears focus with a simple purpose: to provide an ultra-low latency HD video transmission signal. With a total end-to-end latency rate of 28 milliseconds and the ability to transmit 720P HD at 120 FPS is quite impressive.

There are few key features that are tuned just for the experienced drone racers: low latency and high quality speed. First, having a drone that has the ability to transmit video with ultra-low latency is important. Because it helps the video transmit in real-time as smooth as possible when you are soaring the drone at lighting speed. The crispy clear live video makes it easier for the drone racers to perform advanced turns and aerial tricks.

DJI FPV Air Unit Racing Drone

In addition to that, the high-quality speed is especially important that determines the pilot’s ability to compete the drone leagues. With a high refresh rate, it helps the drone racers see accurately from the perspective of drone’s camera if they were to be able to race effectively. Furthermore, the FPV goggles provides signal connection up to 2.5 miles. Its built-in 8 channels of 5.8GHz supported by the Air Unit so that you can fly as many as 8 drones at the same time.

Spectators can participate the racing league by having the ability to tune in and watch you racing with their headset connected to your FPV goggles via transmitting the signal. Which not only makes it more entertaining to watch the FPV drone racing. But improves the overall user’s experience even if they don’t own drones themselves.

DJI FPV Racing Drone

The camera offers a wide 150-degree field of view that allows the drone pilot capture every details in bits. Although, the video feed is optimized for action at 720P HD @ 120 FPS. You will have the option to export videos at 1080P @ 60 FPS or 720P HD @ 120 FPS depending on your preferences. Moreover, the live video transmission optimized by pixelating the edges to keep center clear in order to increase its broadcast efficiency in sub-optimal connection conditions.

DJI will be selling these FPV racing drone set in two packages, which includes a “Fly More Combo” that has a retail price tag of $929. Furthermore, it has “Experience Combo” which comes with a price tag of $829 that doesn’t have remote controller. Whereas “Fly More Combo” comes with remote controller that completes the set. If you are new to drones and would like to know how you can buy one, check out our guide on how to buy the right drone for yourself.

You also can read some of our popular articles that covers the best drones people are buying right now such as Eachine E511S and Holy Stone HS161 portable camera drone. What do you think of new DJI FPV racing drone? Share your thoughts and views with us by commenting below.

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