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Ctronics PTZ Review: Best Security Camera for Homes

Are you a type of person who is concerned about your home security? Yes! Then you don’t have to waste your time on the internet anymore because today, you are going to be introduced with the best surveillance camera — “Ctronics PTZ Security Camera”.

Users never get dissatisfied with the quality of the images that are decoded through it. Ctronics PTZ Camera can capture high quality images because it comes with built-in wireless IP camera with a colour CMOS image sensor.

Ctronics PTZ Best Security Camera Review

This surveillance camera is highly recommended and has a good reputation when we talk about surveillance security camera options available in the market for both home and business spaces. So, make sure you have enough time to get some more from this article.

Thus, it is highly recommended investing your valuable time in reading this article completely because below, we are going to give a complete in-depth review of Ctronics PTZ Surveillance Camera. This camera is automatically record on motion to your Micro SD card.

Once you have your hands on Ctronics PTZ camera than you can freely enrol with you important task without being getting worried because some are present in your absence, some amazing features you get with Ctronics PTZ Camera are PTZ, time recording, motion detection, peer-to-peer encryption, remote access, loop recording and much more. Ctronics PTZ Surveillance Camera has a dimension of 9.1 × 8.3 × 4.8 inches, and it weighs around 2.87 pounds.

Ctronics Wireless PTZ Wifi Ip Camera

Ctronics PTZ Surveillance Camera

There are some excellent privacy settings are also given that users can get to boost their experience with Ctronics PTZ Camera. For the convenience, users can also expand the storage using a micro SD Card up to 128 GB. In this case, we recommend purchasing a 128GB micro SD card to go with it. However, the package comes with a preinstalled 16 GB SD Card. Moreover, there are FTP and NVR Storage options available with it.

This gadget is a perfect combination of perfect digital camera and the strength-full web server. Therefore, it can deliver an ideal sort of video quality either on your smartphone or on your Windows/ Mac machine. It also has compatibility across multiple platforms. You can view images and videos either on your Windows/ Mac machines or your Android/ iOS Smartphone. It doesn’t depend on whether you are connected through your local internet connection or a Wi-Fi network.

HD Video Quality with 4x Zoom

Ctronics PTZ Security Camera Review

On our experience with Ctronics PTZ Camera, we found images with a good sort of clarity. There is even not a single sign of blurry or undetailed images. The main reason behind this is the preinstalled Sony HD sensor such that it generates images with sharpness and delivers 1920 × 1080p resolution at 25 frames per second. Overall, you will experience full high definition 1080 pixels video clarity.

This surveillance camera best fits for outdoor conditions as it is IP65 level waterproof rating let you discover every second and every inch of your house. You will always get 1080 pixels quality even it’s an as too shiny day or raining outside. You get 24/7 support eye on your whole home from outside.

Night Vision: Eagle Eyes

Ctronics PTZ Security Camera

Night vision capabilities are the main highlighting of every surveillance security camera. This statement gets underlined when it comes to Ctronics PTZ Camera. This surveillance camera is featured with a total of 6 powerful IR LEDs. Even, it can capture up to 60 meters with its night vision recording capabilities. The night vision gets triggered automatically. Therefore, there is no sign of tear with its night vision capabilities.

All-Weather Guard

Many security cameras are not working in all weather, but if we talk about Ctronics PTZ, it will work on all weather condition, so just relax yourself as everything is being monitor.

Sensitive Motion Detection

Ctronics PTZ Security Camera Motion Detection

You can easily rely on it for safe monitoring of all the surroundings lying in its field because it has an advanced motion detection algorithm that can identify and capturing every sensitive motion in its area. You will also receive a push message and a snapshot of the mail.

Never again you will have to worry about someone trying to poach your package when you order something online. So, this one is the good feature of Ctronics PTZ security camera. And definitely a step toward creating a smart home or better protection.

What Will You get in the Delivery Box?

You will find the following items inside the delivery box once you have ordered and received it:

  • 1080P IR PTZ Dome Security Camera
  • CD with software.
  • Power supply 12V3A

Important Thing

Just make sure your Android/ iOS smartphone and Camera is connected to the same 2.4 GHz band Wi-Fi because Ctronics PTZ camera does not work with 5GHz band Wi-Fi. This condition is mandatory and must be followed and executed. So, even you are out of your home, you can so close to your family with the Ctronics PTZ camera.

Is It Worth to Buy?

As per my perspective, if the image and video quality of any camera is not good, but it has enough set of features to make you fulfil, it is not so worth. However, in the case with Ctronics PTZ Camera, it perfectly wins. Whether it is raining outside, or any other weather condition is going on, but still, it delivers the image quality with 1080p. The images are not blurry even in night vision.

Its six powerful IR LEDs. Also, it can capture up to 60 meters, i.e. decent quality you get when compared to other products of this arena in this price range. If you have given a complete reading to the above review of Ctronics PTZ Camera, then you will have a better idea of why you should buy this product? If you have finally reached the final stage to purchase this product, then it will cost you around $139.99.

Comment below if any questions are rising in your mind. We will try our best to solve your queries and don’t forget to share your views about the Ctronics PTZ Camera. Share this article with your friends. Stay tuned with us for more regular updates on best surveillance cameras available in the market.

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