Cougar Surpassion RX Review: A Glorious Wireless Gaming Mouse

Cougar Surpassion RX Gaming Mouse Revivew

Cougar recently launched a brand new gaming mouse called Surpassion RX. This latest gadget features flexibility, precision and packed with advanced functionalities designed for gamers. If you are looking for a high-quality wireless gaming mouse to go with your rig. Look no further, because the Cougar Surpassion RX gaming mouse is here to fill in the gap.

Through careful product research and reviewing the customers. We decided to create an in-depth review about Cougar Surpassion RX gaming mouse. In the review article, we will cover the basics like design and build quality, performance, features, alternative options, and conclusion.

Before we start, I want to mention that Cougar is a well-known gaming industry company that has been making popular gaming keyboards like Cougar 600K and more recently, Cougar 700M EVO gaming mouse. The introduction of Cougar Surpassion RX indicates that they are making the moves into wireless gaming mouse market. That being said, there is a huge consumer demand for it. Let’s find out if the new Cougar Surpassion RX is the best wireless gaming mouse in the market.

Ergonomic Design and Build Quality

When you order this wireless gaming mouse, you should get the following items: Cougar Surpassion RX 2.4GHz wireless gaming mouse with a receiver. On the first glance, this gaming mouse features in jet black coating that gives it a professional appearance. It comes with built-in LED lighting effects which lights up the company’s brand. Furthermore, its scroll wheeler also gets lit up when it is activated.

Cougar Surpassion RX Gaming Mouse

The Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse is approximately the size of your hand. Additionally, it features an incredible comfortable palm resting area that is located further to the back. Which doesn’t interferes with your fingers when playing your favorite games over long periods. Not to forget to mention that this gaming mouse comes with 13 powerful backlight modes.

Cougar managed to design a gaming mouse that is perfect fit for your hand. Plus, you will be able to optimize your FPS games in which the Surpassion RX delivers key design features: comfortable and effective. Thanks to its modular and elegant shape, it works great for both palm and claw grip styles with independent pressing area that makes you effective at playing FPS games.

Lighting Fast Performance

The Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse has achieved the impossible by merging accuracy and reliability that offers a wide degree of freedom for a wireless gaming mouse. This gadget is integrated with 2.4GHz featuring an impressive 1000 Hz Polling Rate that offers stunning accuracy rate and response time. A feat that some wired gaming mouses like Mad Catz RAT 6 and Logitech G502 HERO lacks the performance to do so.

Cougar Surpassion RX Wireless Gaming Mouse

In addition to that, the Cougar Surpassion RX is equipped with a state-of-the-art optical sensor that enhances the tracking system. This dramatically improves the gaming mouse performance by taking care of the tracking functionality, which leaves you to worrying about aiming and earning kills. It has DPI rate up to 7,200 which is adjustable for low to high movement sensitivity.

This gaming mouse is further assisted with an impressive battery life time up to 20 hours. Tradtional wireless gaming mouses tends to get drained by 10 to 12 hours. Cougar doubles the battery life by installing a high-powered battery capacity that is designed to keep you playing your games at extended periods. Not to forget to mention that you also can fine-tune the performance thanks to its integrated LCD screen on bottom that keeps you informed of the system and status.

Total Customization

One of the main advantage that Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse brings to the table is the ability to customize the way you want it to. Thanks to its integrated customization features. You can customize lighting effects selecting from 13 different backlight modes. In addition to that, you can fine-tune sensitivity,. angle and more to offer you precise and firm handle of the gaming mouse.

Cougar Surpassion RX Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

Furthermore, you can adjust the lift-off distance so that you can continue to retain precise mouse tracking. Although, the Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse comes with a few limitations. For instance, you don’t have the ability to select your own personal favorite color. Since it doesn’t support option to select the perfect color from 16.8 million RGB screen.

Not to mention that it has fewer programmable buttons compared to Mad Catz Pro S3 and more recently Roccat Kone Aimo gaming mouses. Although, that shouldn’t bother you since casual to intermediate gamers will not need that much of programmable buttons. For hardcore gamers, a better alternative option to this gaming mouse would be either Razer Naga Trinity or Swiftpoint Z.

Why Should you buy Cougar Surpassion RX

Whether to buy a Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse or not is definitely a big question. If you are an experienced user looking to upgrade to a better wireless gadget. The new Cougar Surpassion RX gaming mouse definitely will be a great replacement to these cheap mouses. Since they are not that expensive and comes with great performance that will keep you busy and contented.

Cougar Surpassion RX Wireless Gaming Mice

Although, if you are a professional gamers who enjoys playing games competitive like DOTA 2 or Legends of League. The Cougar Surpassion RX won’t be the ideal choice due to its limitations in number of programmable buttons. It would be better to explore alternative options that comes with more buttons, higher DPI rate and such. Razer Naga Chroma is the best gaming mouse designed for hardcore gamers due to its features and 12 programmable buttons.

Other Products That You Should Buy

Before we conclude the review about Cougar Surpassion RX gaming mouse. There are other products that you definitely should considering checking out that goes well with this wireless gaming mouse. As you will need a high quality gaming keyboard in order to improve your performance and get the best bang out of your new wireless gaming mouse.

The SteelSeries Apex 7 gaming keyboard is a really good device that offers superior performance. With its built-in OLED display screen, you can keep tabbed on what is going on without having to exit your favorite games. Furthermore, it features USB port that you can connect Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse onto instead of the rig.

Cougar Surpassion RX

Furthermore, you will need a good mouse pad that will keep track of your mouse sensitivity. Because of the fact that it uses laser sensor to provide precise mouse tracking. You need a mouse pad to protect the sensor from being wore out on a wooden desk and the like. AmazonBasics Hard Gaming Mouse Pad is definitely a good gadget that comes with lighting LED effect. Although slightly expensive than traditional gaming mouse pad, it will keep your wireless gaming mouse going for a long time.

In conclusion, we think the Cougar Surpassion RX is a high quality wireless gaming mouse. It is surprising that Cougar managed to pull off a great gaming mouse while offering top-notch reliability, accuracy, and powerful performance. You can buy Cougar Surpassion RX wireless gaming mouse here on Amazon for less than $100.

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