Corsair Ironclaw Review: Intelligent Slipstream Wireless Gaming Mice

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Gaming Mice

Upgrading from a wired gaming mice to wireless gaming mice doesn’t have to be that difficult. However, given the vast options you have in a technology consumer market, it can be challenging to choose the best gaming mice for your rig. If you are looking for a great gaming mice, these popular brands such as SteelSeries, Cougar, and Logitech have a lot to offer. Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice is emerging as one of the best gadget for casual to hardcore gamers.

We assembled an in-depth review which covers all the details about Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice. In this review, we are going to talk about its design and build quality, features, performance, and more. At the end of article, you will be able to make an informed decision whether to buy Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice. Without further ado, let’s find out why you should consider buying this gaming mice.

Design and Build Quality

On the first impression, this gaming mouse design appears to look like an actual Ironclaw. That being said, Corsair did put a great amount of effort in designing an unique gaming mice with top-notch style and durable framework. Personally, I like how these LED lighting are placed around the gaming mice with three stripes which resembles claw.

The Corsair Ironclaw is a wireless gaming mice that features strong grip thanks to its elegant and soft rugged texture located at the resting palm area. Furthermore, the mouse scroll wheeler features bumps that gives you a good handle on it. Compare to other gaming mices such as Roccat Kone Aimo and even Mad Catz RAT 6 that comes with smooth-surface scroll wheeler. Corsair Ironclaw design is focused at giving the gamers edge over their gameplay by providing firm handle and control.

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Gaming Mouse

Furthermore, both main buttons are equipped with Omron Switches that supports up to 50 million clicks. Which makes the Corsair Ironclaw one of the best wireless gaming mice that caters to even the most furious clickers. At the price tag that this gaming mice is going for, it is both durable and sturdy thanks to its exceptional design framework.

If you accidentally drop it or bump it off the desk, you don’t have to worry about it breaking apart. We did a few trials by bumping it off the desk around 3 feet off and it withstood the impact just fine. Considering the fact that Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice is actually slightly heavier compared to traditional gaming mices such as SteelSeries Rival 700 for example.


One of the main reason why Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice is so popular among gamers is due to its exceptional performance. Believe it or not, this wireless gaming mouse has an impressive 18,000 DPI Rate. Generally, you will see gaming mices with DPI Rate between 7,000 to 16,000 at most. However, Corsair managed to churn out a smart gaming mice with impressive performance. Which makes it a strong competitor that is hard enough to ignore despite its hundreds of positive reviews from customers who bought this device.

That being said, you can adjust the DPI rate by one per step. Most gaming mices will not let you do that as they typically restrict to 50 DPI rate per step. The fact that Corsair Ironclaw gaming mice gives you the opportunity to adjust the DPI rate by one is definitely a major performance feature as it allows you to find the sweet spot that matches your preferences and playstyle.

Corsair Ironclaw Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

However, its performance continues to stay strong thanks to its slipstream technology that prevents inaccurate and annoying mouse tracking. With an integrated precise optical sensor, it utilizes one-to-one tracking system that ensures highest level of accuracy and precision. In addition to that, the Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice has a polling rate of 1,000Hz which gives you a lighting fast response time up to 1 millisecond.

Because of its ultra-low latency rate that keeps consistent throughout the gaming session. You will not have to worry about potential disconnection and other issues that cheaply made gaming mices comes with. Furthermore, if you need to charge the gaming mice so that you can keep on playing your favorite game. Simply plug the wireless gaming mice to the rig and charge while you play. Overall, the performance of Corsair Ironclaw gaming mice is great due to its lighting fast response and flexibility.

Customizable Options and Features

In the next part of Corsair Ironclaw gaming mice review, we are going to talk about features and options that this device brings to the table. One of the biggest feature is that you have the ability to adjust the color of lighting effect to match your personality and gaming atmosphere. There are three RGB zones that will change based on the color you choose as shown in the image below:

Corsair Ironclaw Gaming Mice Review

While the Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice is highly customizable and flexible, it is outfitted with 10 programmable buttons which is slightly less compared to Rapoo VT900. Which means you can easily map hotkeys as many as you want to so that you can optimize the skills and special actions onto the gaming mice. Instead of using the gaming keyboard to activate a skill action, you will be able to level up your gaming experience and response time by activating the hotkey directly on the mice.

In addition to that, Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice features customizable profile build that you can create your own. If you have a lot of classes such as Assault Class or Sniper Class that requires different sensitivity and settings. Simply build a profile for these class and switch on the fly that gives you maximum flexible for a complete gaming experience.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, we think the Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice is a high-quality device. It comes with strong framework that is made of high-grade material that makes it incredible durable. Not just only that this gaming mice is sturdy, it is also flexible and very customizable that easily caters a wide range of gamers who are looking for one to match their gaming atmosphere.

Corsair Ironclaw Gaming Mouse

The Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice offers gamers a firm grip over it due to its rugged texture and elegant design. However, you should keep it in your mind that this is a gaming mice under $100 that offers a stunning 18,000 DPI rate with the ability to adjust by one per step. Most gaming mices don’t even come that close which makes the Corsair Ironclaw a very strong rival. You can buy this gaming mice here.

If you are unsure which gaming mices you want to buy, I recommend checking out our best gaming mices guide of the year. In that guide, you will see our highly recommended gaming mices that are handpicked by the Mavixo editors. If you have any questions about Corsair Ironclaw wireless gaming mice review, feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Happy gaming!

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