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Apple’s Sixth Developer Beta Version is Out Now

Apple’s sixth developer beta version is going to be out today. This new version is the update of iOS 13 and it is also available for iPads. The date for the release of Apple’s beta build for the public is still not confirm. But it is expected to be released soon. At the moment, Apple is willing to test this new version before releasing anything for the general audience. The company needs to make sure that it has designed and developed better software as compared to the previous third and fourth beta update. So maybe that is the reason why it has not launched the public version.

This update can also be evidence that Apple is really working hard to solve issues through its R&D department. In addition, the company has also planned a new budget for its research and development division.

This sixth developer beta version is more like a tester. But to win the hearts of users over Siri and bug case, the company must not loose ends. iPhone sales in the third quarter have already damaged the company’s financial growth. As a matter of fact, the company is already losing its stock values. Moreover, Apple is observed to be active this year, as yesterday it has released the limited version of Apple Card. And now it has again hit the users with this great news. So, this version can play a vital role in getting the attention of the users back to the iPhone and other devices.


Apple users will likely see more than 200 changes in the features if they update it on the iPhone. On the other hand, iPad users will be able to enjoy 50 new interactions and alterations. The CarPlay mode is claimed to be a lighter version which will include all new characteristics. Last but not least, there will be various advancements in the attributes of tvOS.

Since Apple has been going through several allegations and issues within its products and services, it seems like the company is focusing more on developing new things. The financial position of Apple has revealed that the company is earning more revenues from its software, as compared to their hardware. So, as the company is all set to launch the iPhone 11 series along with MacBook Pro’s new model and iPad with new features. Therefore the company must ensure that they can satisfy users’ needs. Or else, Android might capture most of the market share.

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