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Apple’s Bug-Bounty Program to Reward $1 Million to Researchers

Apple is found to be making some enormous changes to Apple’s bug-bounty program which the company introduced back in 2016.

The company seems to be offering a reward of $1 million to all the security researchers who can successfully breach iOS security. Putting this in technical terminology, anyone who can perform a zero-click attack on iPhone will be the winner. Still not sure what the company is offering? Well! In simple words, any individual who can reach to the core of Apple’s operating system can win the prize.

However, the individual must take over on an iPhone without user interaction. This means that the entire device must be in control of the candidate without any help of the iPhone owner. So, if someone wants to win the reward, then he or she has to hack the phone without being noticed.

Similar tasks were given to the researchers who participated in the Apple’s bug-bounty program. The researchers were paid $200,000 when Apple’s bug-bounty program was launched in 2016. But it appears to be that the company is being generous. In fact, such a huge reward is never offered by any tech company ever.


This is good news for researchers and ethical hackers to show skills. But why do you think that Apple is paying such a big amount? If you dig deep, you will get to know that this is just not another marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, it is being done to know the flaws in the iPhone’s security. It can be a beneficial step for the company, as they will be able to close all the doors for hackers.

A few days ago, Apple had announced it’s interesting in investing to its R&D department. So, this bug-bounty extension can be one of the first steps taken by the division. Apple has also announced several other projects, such as an application for dementia in the last week. So it can be concluded that Apple’s research department is trying its best to erase all the weaknesses from its devices.

But this is just not it. Apple has also announced that whoever is going to point out any vulnerability in the latest sixth developer beta version will receive a 50% bonus.

Apple announced both the news in Las Vegas during Black Hat conference, which was all related to cybersecurity. Furthermore, Apple also revealed that the bug-bounty program will also be expanded for other devices, such as Apple TV and the new MacBook Pro and iPad models.

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