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Apple’s ASMR videos are Taking YouTube by Storm

Apple and ASMR videos are the two different things one can expect. However, it is found that Apple has already uploaded four ASMR videos on YouTube. The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos, also known as ASMR, are for relaxing the mind. Furthermore, they help in maintaining focus. And some of the people find these videos suitable to sleep. In short, you can hear the sound of rain along with crunching leaves when you watch and listen to the videos. The audio is like someone is whispering in your ears. Of course! Not in a scary way. So what made Apple jump into this part of the world?

Well! It is not hard to tell that Apple has witnessed severe hatred from its customers. The attack on iPhone’s privacy and Siri’s spy recording character has made the world in distress. Of course, nobody wants their conversations or information to be leaked. But unfortunately, the company has hurt users’ trust. However, Apple has its reasons to do that. In fact, Apple is also investing billions to their research and development, just to make sure that iPhone or other devices are never breached again.


So, as you are now aware of the past of Apple’s reputation, now you might capture the big picture. The shift in Apple’s attention towards ASMR video is surely a strategy to capture users. It can be one of their marketing techniques to capture new customers and win back the old ones. Moreover, just to make sure that the company is always running in people’s head.

ASMR videos have been popular on YouTube and people love to get entertained by it. Indeed, people want such videos to overcome their stress. These videos are one of the reasons that people can enjoy peaceful sleep.

So what’s new in Apple’s ASMR videos? Once again, the company has proved that they are the best when it comes to technology and creativity. Despite several ASMR videos, Apple’s versions are already trending. All the videos are shot and directed by Anson Fogel, who is known to creating Apple’s advertisements. All the four videos include satisfying sounds of rain, trails and woodshop. Last but not least, the “Whispers from Ghost” is one of the popular ones among all.

It’s good to see new surprises from Apple now and then. Last week it has announced the launch of new iPad models, iPhone 11 series and 16-inch display new MacBook Pro. Additionally, the limited Apple Card version is also out for the lucky ones. Such tactics can be really helpful in gaining back Apple’s reputation among its customers.

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