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Apple Halted Contract With Siri, Ends Secret Voice Recordings

Apple users were shocked when they came to know that their voices were being recorded through Siri. However, in the defense, the company stated that the recordings were for the security purpose so that they could capture any illegal communication or activity. But for now, Apple has discontinued its exercise of having its contractors listen to all Siri voice recordings by users in order to “grade” them.

The company has enunciated that they will not resume the program until a comprehensive review of the practice is not conducted. Furthermore, Apple has ensured giving the choice of voice recording into the hands of the users in their future software update.

Apple said, ”We are devoted to dispensing a magnificent Siri experience while guarding user privacy. We are temporary halting Siri grading on a global scale as we are engaged in conducting a thorough review. In the upcoming software update, Apple users will be able to become part of grading if they will prefer it”.

It is expected that the new update will be for that particular reason, as the recent iOS 12.4 update is to save iPhone users from attackers.

On the other hand, Apple contractors in Ireland, who used to listen to all the recordings, said that they were not informed about the latest decision when they came to work on Friday morning. They further exclaimed that they were sent back home for the weekend, as they were told that the grading system was out of order. Only the managerial staff was asked to hang in the office.

Apple Ends Contract With Siri, Terminating Secret Recordings by Siri Contractors

And now it appears to be that the hired staff is worried about their employment, as their department seems to be suspended by Apple’s top hierarchy.

One of the contractors told that they were able to hear everything, such as a conversation between a doctor and patient, related to the medical history. And at the worst, they even used to listen to the conversations between people who were about to get into sexual acts with each other.

Users are still not sure about the real purpose behind Siri’s spy nature, but it seems like Apple’s final quarter of the financial year will not be much profitable, as the company is already facing a decline in iPhone sales. If the statements are true by Apple, then the company is in need to solve the issue as soon as possible.

Also, the tech leader should dispose off all the voice recordings in order to gain trust from the users. It would be a necessary act to do because new iPad models and 16 inch MacBook Pro with a new keyboard design is on the way to their launch this year. And with this current reputation, the company might not receive the expected response.

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