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Apple Credit Card Set Up is Way Easier than You Think

At the beginning of this week, Apple sent invites for its credit card. Despite early invitations, users are still not sure about the Apple credit card set up. The company has used this strategy to observe the response of the customers. This new credit card seems to be very useful but it comes with a few restrictions.

This has led people to re-think about applying for their card. So in that sense, the company has already received the first reaction. However, Apple has tried its best to make the product lawfully acceptable. Of course! The company cannot break any laws to make its product popular. And at last, people have got their point.

Indeed, the company’s approach to mobile payments seems to be a bit confusing at the moment. It is because there are now three services which do a similar work, Apple Cash, Apple Pay and the all-new Apple Card. But the only major difference among all these commodities is that they work differently.

Apple has given a new way to the users on how to manage and interact with their financial electronic financial transactions. So, whether a user wants to view the daily earnings or spending, or wants to pay bills; everything can be done through an iPhone.


So, if you want to know the Apple credit card set up, then here is what you need to do:

First Step: First, you need to download and open the Wallet application on your iPhone.

Second Step: Find the + button on the top-right corner of the app and tap it

Third Step: You might see a screen that will explain about Apple Pay, so just hit the Continue button

Fourth Step: Now you have to select the payment methods which will be available to you. So make sure to choose Apple Card

Fifth Step: Now you will be directed to a signup form, where you will be required to enter your details. You will need to enter your Apple ID, your annual income and social security number’s last four digits. After entering all the details, make sure to accept the terms and conditions of the Apple Card.

Sixth Step: Once you are done, you will be notified about your credit limit and the interest rates on your purchases. Click on the Accept Apple Card button and you will be directed to your new credit card account. In case you change your mind, select the option of No Thanks.

After accepting the offer, you will be asked to make your Apple Card a default method to pay for all the purchases. If you agree to it, then all your spending will be charged to your card. Also, if you wish to get a physical Apple Card, then you can request it during the procedure of sign up. But if you don’t want it now, then you can also request it later.

Apple Card is one of the many products which are going to be officially launched in September 2019. People are also very excited about the new iPhone 11, MacBook Pro with a 16-inch display and upcoming iPad models.

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