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Apple Card Bans Crypto Purchases and Jailbreaking iPhone

Recently, Apple has disclosed amendments in its forthcoming Apple Card that is being known for its simple and transparent features along with rigid privacy. Ever since the news about the credit card was released, the users were found to be desperately waiting for its launch.

However, as per the latest reports, it is officially announced that the Apple Card will come with a set of restrictions. But what sort of restrictions? Well! The company first used a suspense factor to disclose them by enunciating “one unique restriction” and the other as “one not-so-unique restriction”.

But as the world is small to keep a secret, the “Card’s Customer Agreement” exposed everything about the two terminologies. Big thanks to Goldman Sach Group’s website, where the secret was revealed publically. Sadly, the news seems to be a huge turn off for various potential and existing customers.

The agreement clearly expresses that the Apple Card will not go easy with jailbroken iPhone. And according to several reports, it is also revealed that the card won’t allow cash equivalent and cash advances services, including crypto currencies, lottery tickets and casino chips.

Apple Card Bans Crypto Purchases and Jailbreaking iPhone

Banning transactions for crypto is not something new. There are various US states which, by law, do not allow credit cards to purchase items like lottery tickets or casino chips. Therefore, it seems like Apple is not breaking any rules or ruining the expectations, in fact, it is using the law to secure this new revenue-generating strategy. So it looks like users are fine with this restriction.

On the other hand, jailbroken iPhone users are going bonkers with this latest news, as the only way to get the card is by signing up and be approved through the Apple Wallet application. Furthermore, the agreement clearly says that the user will not be able to access and manage the account if the procedure is done through a jailbroken device. Many iPhone users prefer to jailbreak their devices because it opens the doors to customization, which is quite difficult on a un-jailbroken device.

According to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, the Apple Card is expected to be launched anytime this month. This means that you can hope to see this product before the launch of two new iPad models and the 16-inch MacBook Pro with new keyboard design in September.

Apple needs proper planning to keep up with their good reputation because the recent Siri voice recording and bug attack on iPhone incidents have made users in doubts. The company’s financial report seems to be telling a decline in iPhone sales while major revenues are being generated through other software products. Only time can tell if the Apple Card will be able to contribute to the revenues, as the restrictions on it appear to be unattractive for most of the users.

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