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Apple ARKit Technology is Doing Wonders for Art Lovers

Apple ARKit technology is taking art to another level through [AR]T Viewer App. If you are still not sure what this application is all about then you are missing a big thing. Before proceeding towards the Apple ARKit features, make sure that you are a lover of creativity because this app is all about colors and shapes. So, you might have seen several apps on the App Store to simply do the drawings and filling colors. But did you come across any software that would create things in 3D? If not, then this application is what you need to install in your device.

Basically, the AR stands for Augmented Reality and this software is designed to bring 3D shapes on any live background. Not amazed yet? Well! Imagine you are reading a very colorful book with lots of flowers or other designs. You like one of them, so you have captured the picture. Now you want to use it on any random image you have downloaded or captured through your camera. So with this application, you can easily transfer that particular shape on your preferred background and all in 3D.

This app has opened the doors to creativity. So whether a UFO or animals from the Paleolithic period, you can make everything to be looked in augmented reality through this app.However, there is a major restriction in using the application. At the moment, the users can download this app only when they visit any Apple Store.


After the installation, the first thing you can see is the art by Nick Cave. In other words, if you want to see the magic of this app, then you have to be within the boundaries of your nearest Apple Store. The application does not work anywhere else, but it appears to be that soon these restrictions are going to end. The popularity of this application is already at its peak. The growing demand will have to

Despite hardships, Apple is trying its best to satisfy its existing users. The company has been into several problems after the Siri voice recording news and security issue with iPhone devices. Furthermore, the decrease in iPhone’s sale has disturbed the company’s finances.

But the good thing is that Apple is still not losing hope to maintain its loyalty by offering new products and services. The forthcoming iPhone 11, latest iPad models and high display MacBook Pro have created a wave of excitement among the users. Also, the invites sent to users to get signed up for the Apple Card has made easy payment solutions for them.

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