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Apple and Eli Lilly to Find Early Signs of Dementia through Devices

Apple and Eli Lilly are working together to add health features in smartwatch and iPhone. Both companies have joined hands to design software that can signify early signs of dementia. If the duo is going to achieve this milestone, then it will be an enormous success for both the entities. Dementia seems to be a growing problem. And to know the early signs can help people to take all the preventive measures.

Apple has been into controversies since many days. The information breach from iPhone has raised many questions on its security. Furthermore, the Siri feature has also been found as a spy, who used to keep users’ voice recordings. But the real issue arose when the news came out that Apple had hired a whole team in Ireland to hear to those recordings.

With all those severe issues, people have found to be losing hopes on Apple. Even the iPhone sales and Apple shares have been dropped in the previous days. So the company is in considerable need to satisfy its customers. This is why the step for dementia could make Apple to come in the good books again.

The two companies have united Evidation, a start-up for health-tech, in order to find ways to swiftly and accurately detect mental disabilities, such as Alzheimer’s disease using Apple’s gadgets. Recently, Apple has also intended to invest in its R&D department. So there is a possibility that this is one of the things Apple is working on.

To take this initiation further, Apple and Eli Lilly along with Evidation are likely to discuss the issue at a convention in Alaska. It seems like the entire health investigating team is unearthing ways to overcome dementia, which is a good omen.


The experiments have already started 12 weeks ago to study the effects.  82 people participated in the research out of which 31 individuals were going through dementia and other cognitive disabilities. All the participants were asked to abandon medications so that the results are pure. Each received three Apple devices, such as Apple Watch, Beddit (sleeping application) and iPhone.

The researchers found that participants with the disease were slower in typing texts and giving answers to the messages. On the other hand, the healthy participants were far normal in the results.

This was just the first step. Despite many obstacles, researchers believe on overcoming all of them.There are above 6 million people living in the US who have been living with dementia. The early detection of this disease is still a challenge. But it appears to be Apple is giving its best to overcome difficulties.

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