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Anyone Can Hack iPhone and iPad Says Check Point

Apple has been known for its strict security and great features. A few years back, it was very difficult to hack the iPhone and iPad. But it seems like the security is being reduced with the passage of time. Or you can say that hackers are getting more intelligent to break the codes.

Apple’s devices had complicated programming and this is why the intruders were unable to breach them. But the last two weeks of Apple have not been well. First, the company made it loud and clear to secure iPhones by updating to the new version. The news went viral because the intruders were hacking the devices without being noticed. And for now, the company has announced a security threat to almost 1.4 billion iPads and iPhones.

Users are shocked to hear the news and those who don’t know about it yet, are going to be shocked later. Apple is going through really bad days. On one hand, the company is investing in its research and development. On the other hand, it is notifying the public about new threats. According to AppleInsider, the IT security firm, Check Point, has revealed that every iPad and iPhone can be easily hacked due to soft security.

They further reported that all the devices that are running on iOS 8 to the latest iOS 13 are easy to crack. Tim Cook once proudly stated that they have conquered a market of 1.4 billion people who are using Apple’s devices. So, this means that the owners of Apple’s gadgets are at risk.


So how these devices are lacking strict security? Check Point uncovered the soft areas through which the intruders can breach the device. According to them, the Contacts application in iPhone and iPad is easy to be exploited through SQLite database.

Contacts can easily trick any of the devices into running spiteful codes. And once the codes are active, the attackers can steal users’ data and passwords. They further said that SQLite is the most common database software. It can be operated through any operating system, such as Mac, Windows, Android, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. This signifies that the intruders don’t have to spend much time and efforts on gears to hack the iPhone and iPad.

This is one of the serious threats to the company. The users are already not satisfied with the organization due to Siri’s unethical function. And if Apple is not going to solve this issue, then it might affect the upcoming iPhone 11. The company is already facing reduction in iPhone sales in the third financial quarter. Therefore, such news can turn down customers’ loyalty.

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