Fitbit Versa and Samsung Gear Smartwatches Get Huge Amazon Price Cut
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Fitbit Versa and Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatches Deals

There are three best selling smartwatches deals going on and they have got deep Amazon price cut recently for a limited time only. When the smartwatches first arrived in the market, they left a lot of people wondering why you would need a smartphone on your wrist even if you have one already in your pocket? However, popular brands like Fitbit and Apple dove into the fitness aspect of these latest smartwatches. They have quickly become one of the most popular gadget to shop for.

These smartwatches are incredible useful for tracking activities, counting the calories and monitoring your heart rate in real-time. It helps you achieve attainable goals that is otherwise challenging without introduction of these smartwatches.

There are definitely good smartwatches deals that you should shop for. But as pricey as they can be, there are three gadgets that just got a huge Amazon price tag. Thus, making them even more affordable and the latest Apple Watch is on sale right now. A perfect opportunity to grab at the best smartwatches deals that are available.

Samsung Gear Sport — $100 OFF

Samsung Gear Sport SmartwatchThe Samsung Gear Sport first hit the market around two years ago. If you are an avid Samsung phone user, you will find out that all things you need in a smartwatch fits in this fitness watch. It features built-in GPS module, heart rate monitoring, calorie counting and even a personal fitness coaching.

If you spin the bezel, you can get text messages and reply to them. In addition to that, the fitness watch also have built-in calendar notifications that help keeps you on the track on day to day basis. Plus, it can connect to smartphone devices that are compatible to Samsung Gear Sport.

This smartwatch is designed for both athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike. It features waterproof resistance that protects the smartwatch up to 50 meters deep while you enjoy activities all summer long. Normally, Samsung Gear Sport is priced at $299.99 but Amazon slashed the price to $199.99 which is a $100 drop. Which makes it an affordable option for everyone who wants a fancy gadget on their wrist.

Fitbit Versa — $20 OFF

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Fitness WatchThe new Fitbit Versa are becoming very popular due to its multi-function and features like extra connectivity and color displays. Hence, it is probably a better idea to call the Versa a fitness smartwatch than a gadget that tracks your activities. Even though it resembles similar features and functions that the Apple Watch has to offer.

This fitness watch actually is a full set fitness smartwatch with tracking capabilities featuring heart rate monitoring and personal fitness coaching. It also includes activity readouts that helps you reach your goals. Just like other smartwatches, Fitbit Versa also allows you to receive texts and notifications onto your wrist.

If you need something to keep yourself company while exercising. Fitbit Versa can stream music with Pandora and can store up to 300 different songs. Making it one of the best fitness smartwatch to have when you don’t have the smartphone with you. Amazon cut the price tag of Fitbit Versa by $20 off down to $179.95.

Apple Watch Series 3 — $80 OFF

Apple Watch Series 3The Apple Watch Series 3 isn’t exactly the newest model, but it has a sale price of $229 with normal price marked at $309. Which is basically a $80 price cut, making it an affordable option for those who wants to have an Apple smartwatch on their wrist compared to the Series 4.

Overall, this is one of the best fitness smartwatches you can currently shop for without spending too much money on it. The Apple Watch Series 3 have built-in S3 processor that enables it to process data at much faster rate compared to other fitness smartwatches.

Plus, it has big RAM size and incorporated barometric altimeter to enhance the activity tracking. Just like its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 3 have built-in GPS and bright display. For a sale price of $229, Apple Watch Series 3 is definitely one of the best smartwatches deals to snag


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